Best Down Comforters for Hot Sleepers - Keeping Cool Between the Sheets

By Oktay Ozadam

Best Down Comforters for Hot Sleepers

At the end of a long day, there's nothing quite as inviting as a soft bed piled high with a fluffy down comforter. Unfortunately for those of us who are hot sleepers, down comforters are usually more of a sweaty, smothering nightmare than a soft, luxurious dream.

But fear not! Hot sleepers are not doomed to live without the sweet comfort of a down comforter. We simply need to find the right down comforter.

Down comes from the fine, innermost feathers of a duck or goose. Nature designed these feathers to provide insulation by fluffing up to create a layer of insulated, warm air against the bird's skin.

Down works the same way in our blankets. Fill count, or fill power, is a measure of how much the down in a particular comforter will loft, or fluff up, and create insulation. So a low fill count means a cooler, less insulating blanket and a better choice for hot sleepers.

Thread count is also an important factor for hot sleepers. Most down comforters have a cotton shell, which is soft and durable, but also retains a lot of moisture and isn't very breathable. High thread count and certain types of weave can give the shell a smoother and more breathable feel.

Even the stitching pattern can come into play. Down comforters that are "sewn-through" will be more compact, and therefore have less loft and insulating power than a blanket with a looser baffle box stitch design.

Here we will review eight of the best down duvets for hot sleepers so that you can make a luxurious and comfortable comforter choice.

Best Down Comforters For Summer and Hot Sleepers

Hypoallergenic Down Comforter by DreamTek

At only $130 for a queen-sized comforter, this is one of the least expensive comforter options we will be exploring today. Don't let that fool you though; this comforter is packed with features.

The shell is long staple cotton with a sateen weave, which is known for its silky, breathable feel compared to regular cotton. Recently, the shell was redone with a double stitched design and durable self-piping trim. This prevents the comforter from leaking down feathers after years of wear and tear, which is an annoying issue with some down comforters.

In my opinion, the most impressive and innovative feature of this down comforter is the Smart Snap System. Small snaps around the edges of the comforter allow another DreamTek comforter to be snapped on top of the first.

In the winter months, this can add another layer of insulation and warmth to your down comforter. Or, if you and your partner like to sleep at different temperatures, you can snap on a twin DreamTek comforter over your queen comforter, leaving half the bed with extra insulation and half without.

The Amazon reviews for this product are by and large very complimentary. Reviewers particularly enjoyed the Smart Snap System and the fact that the comforter is completely machine washable.

Complaints that came up in a couple of reviews were the relatively low thread count, and that the comforter shell made a noisy "paper crinkling" sound when moving. This sort of thing might not bother most people, but it's worth keeping in mind if you have sensitive ears.

Hypoallergenic Down Comforter by DreamTek
Smart Snap System

Light Warmth Deluxe Down Comforter by Pacific Coast Feather Company

This down comforter comes in on the more expensive side of the scale, but the good news is that it comes with a 30-night comfort guarantee. So if you aren't thrilled with it, you can send it back and won't have wasted your money. You probably won't need the guarantee though, as reviews for this product are extremely positive.

Pacific Coast Feather Company uses special "Hyperclean" down, which is washed up to eight times in a special blend of environmentally friendly cleansers. This may not sound like a big deal, but thorough cleaning of the down and cotton is a very important step in rendering a truly hypoallergenic product.

While most down comforters claim to be heavily cleaned and hypoallergenic, Pacific Coast Feather Company seems to pay special attention to this detail. In fact, they are so sure that their product is free of dust, dirt, and other allergens that they have a specific Allergen Free Warranty. If your new down comforter is setting off your allergies, you can send it back for a full refund.

This down comforter also has the highest thread count of all the products we will be reviewing today, so it may be an especially right choice if you have sensitive skin or sweat a lot in your sleep.

Light Warmth Deluxe Down Comforter by Pacific Coast Feather Company
Most hypoallergenic product

Snowe Down Comforter

The lightweight version of the Snowe Down Comforter is specifically designed for summertime use and for hot sleepers. It has 40% less fill compared to their all season product. Of course, less fill means less insulation, greater ventilation, and a cooler night's sleep for hot sleepers.

The fill for this product is premium French white down sourced from a Responsible Down Standard certified manufacturer, so even though there's less of it you're still getting a high-quality, luxurious fill.

The shell for this down comforter is sateen cotton, which should make it slightly more breathable and less moisture-retaining than regular cotton.

Reviews for this down comforter specifically noted that it was surprisingly lightweight, but still warm and comfortable. There were also comments about it being quieter than most down comforters, without a "crunchy" sound when it moves.

One complaint about a lot of down comforters is that the down shifts around and over time the comforter has to be regularly fluffed to evenly distribute the fill. The Snowe Down Comforter sidesteps this issue with a fully sewn down stitching pattern to prevent shifting and clumping.

Overall the Snowe Down Comforter is a nice middle-of-the-road product, with an average fill count and an average thread count. If you're looking for something a bit more refined than the cheaper products, but still not overly expensive, this comforter could be a great choice for you.

Down Comforter by Snowe
A nice middle-of-the-road product

Lightweight Down Comforter by Downluxe

Here is our budget option. Only $88 for a queen-sized comforter, which is excellent if you're looking to save your hard earned money. Despite the low price, this comforter still has overall good reviews on Amazon.

The Downluxe comforter features a baffle box stitching pattern, which allows for greater loft and greater movement of the down inside the mattress. Some people enjoy the warmer and fluffier effect this creates, but for warm sleepers, it can mean being uncomfortably hot from all the extra insulation.

Fortunately, this product is tied for the lowest fill count on this list, which may counter the loftier baffle box stitching.

As with several other comforters on this list, there are some complaints of the Downluxe comforter being overly noisy. Another downside was occasional feather leaking experienced by some customers.

It's worth mentioning that this product is tied for the lowest thread count of any on our list, at only 230. Generally, a thread count of 300-600 is considered a good standard to aim for, so 230 may come off as a bit scratchy and uncomfortable if you're used to higher thread counts.

If a soft, breathable fabric is a high concern for you, this may not be a good choice.

Lightweight Down Comforter by Downluxe
Low budget Comforter

Fusion White Goose Down Comforter by Globon

The Globon Fusion Comforter is a rather unique offering since it is the only product on this list with a fill that isn't 100% real down. Instead, this blanket uses a 51:49 mix of white goose down and Suprelle Cocoon polyester.

The Suprelle Cocoon material is produced by ADVANSA in Germany and designed specifically to mimic the soft, lofty sensation of down while also granting additional benefits. The down and Suprelle Cocoon fusion makes this comforter lower odor, more breathable, and most moisture wicking than a traditional down comforter. It also allows the comforter to be easily re-fluffed after the down settles over time.

Re-fluffing may be especially important with this comforter, since it has a looser, baffle box stitching pattern, which can lead to clumping and shifting down.

The shell is entirely cotton, with a light brushed finish that the company claims adds extra softness to the material. Another feature of this unique comforter is that it comes with four corner tabs to make it easier to attach duvet covers, which strikes me as quite useful.

While synthetic down blends are supposed to retain less heat, several Amazon reviewers noted that this comforter slept too hot for them. There were also concerns about this comforter not being as breathable as expected and, as with several other blankets on this list, there was mention of it being noisy when moved.

Overall this product received mostly positive reviews, with only minor setbacks. If you sweat a lot in your sleep or are bothered by the slight odor of traditional down, this lower odor, higher moisture wicking comforter might be worth trying.

Fusion White Goose Down Comforter by Globon
Lower odor, more breathable, and most moisture wicking

Alberta Euro Down Comforter

The Alberta Euro Down Comforter comes in three warmth levels; light, medium, and extra. The light option has less fill and is obviously the preferred choice for summer or year round for hot sleepers.

One thing that sets this comforter apart from the others is that it comes in five different colors, so you can match the comforter to the rest of your bedroom décor without needing a duvet cover. Though if you do decide to add a duvet cover, this comforter comes with corner loops that help it to more firmly attach to Alberta duvet covers.

Like some of the other more expensive comforters on this list, the Alberta Euro Down comforter comes with a lifetime guarantee, allowing you to send the comforter back if you experience issues.

The shell of this comforter only has a thread count of 300, which I found strange considering the high price. However, none of the reviews noted the low thread count as an issue.

One feature that several reviewers commented on was the addition of a 15-inch drop to the dimensions of the comforter. This makes it slightly taller and wider than most down comforters in its size class.

While 15 extra inches may not matter to most people, if you're particularly tall, have an especially large bed, or often find yourself wishing for a larger blanket it could make all the difference in the world.

Alberta Euro Down Comforter
Wider and taller than most down comforters

Bavarian Light 700 Down Comforter

Here it is, the most expensive down comforter on our list. It also has the highest fill count by a fairly wide margin, despite being designed specifically for warm weather and hot sleepers. The fill itself is luxurious European white goose down, which likely adds to the high price of the product.

The stitching pattern for this comforter is sewn through, so even with the high fill count, it's likely to have lower loft and insulation than baffle box style comforters. You can also expect a soft, puffy appearance without down that shifts around within the blanket.

This comforter features a shell of 400 thread count, single-ply cambric cotton, which supposedly yields a softer and more durable fabric than regular or sateen cotton. Those with sensitive skin or who really need a soft, breathable shell material may find this comforter particularly appealing.

Though I could only find three reviews of the Bavarian Light comforter, all three were resoundingly positive. No one seems to have anything negative to say about this comforter. Overall its high quality down material and fabric seem to make for an extremely comfortable sleeping experience.

Bavarian Light 700 Down Comforter
Luxurious European white goose down

Lightweight White Down Comforter by Eddie Bauer

Here is another down comforter that may be an especially good choice if you're tall or are in need of an extra-large blanket. Both the king and queen models of the Eddie Bauer comforter are "oversized."

The thread count for this comforter is tied for the lowest of the group, but unlike the Downluxe Lightweight comforter, I couldn't find any negative comments about scratchy or uncomfortable fabric. That may be because this comforter has a cambric weave cotton shell, rather than just regular cotton fabric.

If you do end up finding the cambric cotton shell too rough, this comforter can easily be paired with a softer duvet cover with the convenient, cover-securing loops on the corners.

As with many other products on this list, the Eddie Bauer comforter has a sewn through stitching pattern, which keeps the duck down from shifting and prevents the high lofting that increases insulation. This comforter is also machine washable and dryable, making it more convenient to clean than bedding that requires hand washing or dry cleaning.

The reviews for this product on Amazon are 100% positive, with reviewers noting that the summer weight of this comforter is perfect for hot sleepers or a warm climate. Overall this is a great middle of the road product both in terms of quality and price.

Lightweight White Down Comforter by Eddie Bauer
Great middle of the road product

Quick Comparison of Down Comforters

Comparison of Down Comforters For Hot Sleepers
Thread Count Fill Material Fill count Cost (queen size)
Hypoallergenic Down Comforter by DreamTek 395 Euro down 600 Check Price
Light Warmth Deluxe Down Comforter by Pacific Coast 500 Goose down 600 Check Price
Snowe Down Comforter 330 French white down 600 Check Price
Lightweight Down Comforter by Downluxe 230 White down 550 Check Price
Fusion White Goose Down Comforter by Globon 400 51/49 blend white goose down and Suprelle Cocoon polyester 650 Check Price
Albtera Euro Down Comforter 300 European down 650 Check Price
Light 700 Down Comforter by Bavarian 400 Eastern European white goose down 700 Check Price
Lightweight White Down Comforter by Eddie Bauer 230 White duck down 550 Check Price

Getting Even Cooler

When you're a hot sleeper, sometimes a breathable, low-insulation comforter isn't enough to keep you cool and comfortable in bed. Luckily we have a whole host of articles on the best smart solutions for hot sleepers.

Two products of particular interest, which we have previously reviewed at length, are cooling systems from BedJet and Chili Technology.

The BedJet is an air-powered system that pumps air under your covers to increase ventilation. If you're struggling with night sweats, the BedJet can help wick away excess moisture and keep your skin breathing easy.

One significant downside of the BedJet is that it relies on evaporative cooling, so it may not be the best choice if you live in a very hot or humid climate.

In contrast, the chiliPAD and Ooler Sleep Systems by Chili Technology work on a water-based system. They circulate cooled water through a mattress pad to gradually lower the temperature of your bed and body. This method of cooling is not significantly affected by the ambient temperature or humidity, but won't do as much to increase ventilation and cure night sweats.

If you're a hot sleeper and think these products may be worth a try, check out our other reviews about bed cooling and heating systems!

The Verdict

Ultimately the best choice for you will depend on many factors, including your budget, temperature needs, and personal preferences. If you're just searching for a nice summer comforter, you'll likely want something different than a hot sleeper who experiences uncomfortable night sweats.

If budget is your highest concern, the Downluxe Lightweight Down Comforter is a clear winner. Though it has a lower thread count and some customers complained of noisiness, it's still a very solid option considering the price.

If you and your partner have different temperature needs, or if you need to switch between comforters for the summer and winter months, the DreamTek Hypoallergenic Down Comforter is probably your best option. With its ability to snap on another comforter for added winter warmth, or to make one side double layered and the other single-layered, it adds a lot of functionality.

All the comforters on this list are decent products for hot sleepers or summer use, and I hope this review has helped you make up your mind about which down comforter is the best fit for you!