The Best Bed Cooling Systems - What to Expect

By Oktay Ozadam

Best Bed Cooling & Heating Systems

Purchasing a bed cooling system can be a life-changing moment. Such a thermo-regulating system will impact the way you sleep, the dreams you have, and how your body feels in the morning. A good sleep, in turn, affects the person you are throughout the day. Often, a lack of sleep leads us to rash behavior or bad choices.

So in this article, we'll be explaining what a bed cooling system is, how it works, and why it might be the right decision for you to buy one.

What is a Bed Cooler?

In simple terms, a bed cooler is a system that helps your mattress stay cool as you sleep, to regulate your body temperature, and facilitate deep sleep and proper rest.

At its core, a bed cooler is either a sort of device that you place somewhere inside your bedroom, either on the bed surface or somewhere beside it. A bed cooler/heater system contains air or water cooling components that help alter your sleep temperature through the use of cooling technology. Alternatively, a bed system can also be a mattress topper or some sort of pad that makes your bed more breathable through the aid of cooling gels and other such products.

Bed coolers come in different variants, divided into two main categories: active bed cooling systems and passive ones. Each comes with its own set of benefits and downsides. For a more detailed explanation of the differences between active and passive bed coolers, see below.

Do I Need A Bed Cooling System?

Studies have proven that body temperature plays a crucial role in our sleep quality, making thermoregulation a key component to sleeping better—but does it really work?

These studies show that during REM sleep, our body's temperature needs to drop (cool down), and as we wake up, our body will slowly get back to our average body temperature (heat up).

Many temperature regulated beds can adjust to your body's temperature throughout the night, others can be preset, and others will have fewer cooling options to choose from.

It's also important to note that while many offer both heating and cooling choices, others offer solely one or the other.

Ooler Sleep System
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Smart scheduling system
  • Advanced customization by app
  • Auto-cleaning with UV light
Bedjet 3
  • Biorhythm function
  • Instant cooling and heating
  • No Bluetooth app required
  • SmartHome compatible
chiliPAD Sleep System
  • Cools or warms your bed
  • Remote controlled
  • EMF free
  • Fits any bed size or type

Active Bed Cooling Systems

1- Ooler Sleep System (Kyro Sleep Performance System)

The OOLER Sleep System, previously known as the Kryo Sleep Performance System, is a hydro-powered thermal unit that employs water's cooling benefits to provide a perfectly balanced temperature range while you sleep.

The cooled water circulates through medical-grade silicone micro-tubes. It can be precisely adjusted by the hour, if necessary, to make sure your bed is just the right temp at any given time during the night. This scheduling feature provides a truly unique experience adjusted to you and your particular sleeping needs.

Ooler is a dual-zone mattress pad system. You can opt for the ME (single sleeper) model if you sleep alone or want to control one side of the bed's temperature. It also comes with a WE (for partners) model to adjust both sides of the mattress surface's coolness.

Unlike other similar products, the OOLER is virtually silent (only emitting the slightest white noise), making it ideal for light sleepers.

This smart water cooling topper also provides you with customized sleep profiles tailored to your specific needs.

You can control the OOLER through an app on your phone that allows you to schedule your sleep and offers a wide range of perks, such as the gradually warming wake-up. You can wave goodbye to those tedious alarm calls with a smart alarm feature!

Contrary to CUBE (formerly known as chiliPAD) and Bedjet, it doesn't have a remote control, but you can regulate mattress pad temperature either through the OOLER app or control unit.

The cooling unit is a tiny white box, sleek and compact, that can easily fit underneath your bed, making unaesthetic control boxes a thing of the past.

The OOLER System is easy to set up, no more complicated than say, making your bed. You simply arrange the cooling pad in your bed's desired position then lay out the system as per instructions.

The maintenance of the OOLER is remarkably easy. With a water reservoir double the size of most (30 oz), it only requires you to replenish the supply every few weeks. The mattress's exterior layer can be machine-washed, and the inside tubing simply requires a cleansing solution every 2-3 months.

It can also sync to any smart devices in your home and can be automatically programmed to begin heating before you go to bed.

2- Bedjet V3

The Bedjet is a heating and cooling system that regulates the temperature of your bed while you sleep. This Shark Tank invention is compatible with all bed and mattress sizes and offers dual-zone temperature control—which is perfect for those of you who don't sleep alone.

This system is easy to set up and install—just mount the bracket where the system can deliver the best airflow—If you get the AirComforter, you will attach the hose to it. It also comes with a remote control to adjust the temperature range from the comfort of your bed.

The AirComforter is a bedsheet made explicitly for the Bedjet. It has two cavities—which makes it perfect for those of you who sleep with a partner and/or want to use the Dual Zone temperature control.

The best part about this system is that aside from setting it up properly, it requires no maintenance—and it can be easily stored beneath your bed (if it fits) so it stays out of sight.

The Bedjet also offers additional beneficial features—such as the free accompanying app that's compatible with any smartphone and connects via Bluetooth and the Aromatherapy diffuser—which will keep the bed smelling fresh.

But, the absolute best feature the Bedjet has to offer is its unique Biorhythm sleep technology. The Biorhythm function allows you to have total control over the heating and cooling cycles and cooling intensity at all times—even while you're asleep.

Once you figure out the temperature settings that work with your natural sleep cycle, you can set it to adjust to fit your needs automatically!

3- Cube Sleep System

Recommended by Tim Ferris himself, the Cube Sleep System is a water-cooled fan system that's easy to use and will keep you comfortable while you sleep.

It is perfect for hot sleepers and those of you who suffer from night sweats or hot flashes. While it's a little pricey, it's also compatible with all mattress sizes (from half queen to Cal King) and offers both heating and cooling options.

The Cube is available in both single and dual temperature models—so if you sleep with a partner, you'll love the dual-zone system.

Once you get the system, all you need to do is set up the bed cooling pad for the mattress securely (you can put the mattress pad under the fitted sheet), attach the tubes, and connect the water supply from the cube to the pad. You can choose to use both of the cubes or just one.

It is important to note here that the system requires regular maintenance since you'll need to refill it with distilled water every 2 weeks (depends on the room temperature and usage). Every 3-months, you will need to clean the cube as prescribed by the manufacturer and refilled.

This bed cooling system for night sweats effectively use Chili technology to regulate your temperature—you can choose from temperatures between 55℉ and 110℉.

It circulates heated or cooled water to effectively and efficiently keep you cool or warm; however, you may need a noise machine to drown out the noise if you are a genuinely light sleeper.

The best part about this system is that its wireless remote control is straightforward to use, and each cube comes with a separate remote—so you and your partner can both control the cooling levels of your own side of the bed.

Eight Pod cooling mattress with sleep tracking features

4- Eight Pod Cooling Mattress

The Sleep Pod by Eight Sleep is a complete mattress with a water-based cooling system embedded into it that shows great promise. Comprised of five layers, out of which four are foam, and the fifth is an active, water-powered layer (active grid), the Pod offers a firm yet comfortable sleeping experience for you and your partner.

With a dual climate control system, the Eight Pod allows you to manage your bed temperature, but it also allows your partner to control their own temperature settings, which is a great plus for the Pod.

Another benefit of the Pod is that it comes complete with a smart sleep tracking app that displays various stats and helps you better understand your sleep. Everything from respiratory and heart rate, to how long it takes for you to get out of bed in the morning and how much you toss and turn during the night, is all stored inside the app.

And speaking of getting out of bed, the Eight Pod comes with a special setting that will gradually heat up the bed to trigger a natural wakening. All in all, the Pod is a great option if you're looking for a way to cool your bed, but are also in the market for a new mattress!

5- Moona Cooling Pillow

While the Moona Pillow is not yet for sale, it already sounds like a great temperature regulating system for those of you who are tired of flipping your pillow over throughout the night. It's easy to use, comfortable, and compatible with all pillow sizes.

This pillow has been explicitly built to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep so you can get a better night's rest.

This smart pillow is another water-based cooling system with three different temperatures settings—all between 71 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit.

To set up the system, you need to slide the pad in and connect the water pump to the pillow pad via the tube that comes with the system.

Aside from regulating your temperature and keeping you comfortable, the Moona pillow also has sensors that will track your room's lighting, temperature, and humidity.

Its accompanying app functions via Bluetooth connectivity and tracks your information—it even lets you set up your own personal temperature profile. This temperature profile is set up after you fill out the questionnaire, and the once the pillow has tracked your sleep for ten days in a row.

So, if you are looking for something that will focus on keeping your head and neck cool, the Moona pillow will get the job done.

6- bFan

If you prefer a fan, the bFan is a great smart fan to take a look at. Not only is it reliable and durable, but it also features an adjustable height and a quiet system that is high performing.

If you're a hot sleeper and are tired of getting overheated at night, the bFan may be the answer to your prayers—it's pretty much a bed air conditioner—but it's important to note it doesn't offer any heating options.

The bFan is easy to set up—adjust it to the height that fits your bed and slide it in—preferably at the foot of the bed, although some mattresses allow it to be set up at the side of the bed if that's something you prefer.

The bFan uses convection to ensure it keeps you cool and dry during the night. The ventilation system will circulate air directly onto your bed, so it stays cool and dry.

This air ventilation allows it to cool your body, prevent night sweats, and hot flashes through direct air, and it will also keep your mattress and sheets cool, so even if you don't move an inch during the night, you will stay cool, comfortable, and dry.

Dualtemp individual layer by Sleep Number

7- Dualtemp Individual Layer

The Dualtemp Individual Layer is a mattress topper that uses air-circulating technology to keep your bed cool while you sleep. Like the other air-based coolers in this review, it takes its starting point from the ambient temperature, rather than act as a stand-alone product in that regard.

While the Dualtemp does have several benefits to its name, such as the fact that it's super easy to set up (something not all bed coolers have in common), the Dualtemp seems to lack in the comfort department seriously. The topper is divided into two sides, and many users have complained that they keep sinking into the divide during sleep, which feels uncomfortable.

Another potential downside is that it doesn't self-regulate temperature. This means it will stay on one temp setting throughout the night, but considering that our bodies often require different temps during different sleep phases, this might provide detrimental to our sleeping routine.

Some have also complained about the mattress topper having issues connecting to the power box. All in all, the Dualtemp isn't a superb option, especially considering the high price. So the takeaway is, you might find better alternatives on this list at comparable (if not smaller) prices!

Night Bliss under sheet bed fan

8- Night Bliss Bed Fan

The Night Bliss bed fan is an impressive and very budget-friendly bed cooling device. As with any bed fan, it works by having you place a gadget under your blankets and by emitting cold air directly under your blanket.

The main difference between the Night Bliss and the bFan mentioned above is that while the bFan is placed at the foot of the bed and only cools your feet and legs, the Night Bliss comes in three variants (the Cool Sleep II, the Cool Sleep III, and the Cool Flash III) and is said to immediately inflate your covers, cooling you all over and allowing trapped body heat to escape.

This under bed air conditioning unit is also very easy to use, allowing you to cool your bed at the mere push of the button, which is great news for those of you who are not too technically advanced. You can also alter the fan speed at the press of a button.

Lastly, the reviews available for the Night Bliss all seem to agree that it does what it's said to the users' great satisfaction. However, one downside is that (as with any bed fan) it's not such a great idea if you sleep with a partner who isn't a hot sleeper.

SmartDuvet - climate controlled self-making bed

9- SmartDuvet

I have to admit that watching the SmartDuvet in action for the first time is an impressive-feeling. You feel like you're watching magic. As the people at SmartDuvet say, though, "if your car can park itself, why should your bed stay the same?"

Whereas many manufacturers use the term "smart" in their products, few actually apply to the product's design. The Smart Duvet is the first bed duvet that not only cools or heats the bed accordingly (through its air-circulating system) but also makes itself. Seriously, you leave it in a pile on the bed after a good night's sleep, and when you return, you found the bed made… by itself, as the duvet extends and smooths itself over your mattress.

Not only that, but it also allows for easy, app-controlled dual climate control. You can set the exact temperature for each half of the bed through the nifty app by moving a dot on a line. Better yet, the Smart Duvet only requires one control unit for both sides of the bed, whereas similar products (like the BedJet) require separate controllers for each side.

It's super easy to use and allows both you and your partner to get the comfortable sleep you need.

All in all, the SmartDuvet is a great cooling (or heating device), powered by a small, silent generator placed underneath your bed, and it comes at a great price, too.

Evening Breeze - Air condition system that cools bed area

10- Evening Breeze

The Evening Breeze is the oddball on our list, as it's like nothing we've reviewed on this list before. It is the only very air conditioning system in our list.

Evening Breeze cools only the bed area, which is an interesting undertaking since the main fault with the AC is that it wastes a lot of time and money cooling the whole room, which you don't need.

A product created in the Netherlands, the Evening Breeze comes in three canopy models: free standing, four-poster bed, or suspended. Each of these versions uses two boxes. One deftly concealed behind the bed, responsible for cooling and dehumidifying the air, and an external unit (place typically on the roof or under the floor), which powers the whole thing.


  • Provides clean air that won't dry your mouth or leave you with a sore throat;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Silent;
  • Doesn't increase the energy bill too much;
  • Easy to use and maintain.


  • Since it's an air conditioning system, it cools the entire bed, which may not be ideal if you sleep with a partner;
  • It's also a lot more expensive than other bed cooling systems.

Overall, the Evening Breeze is an compelling concept worth considering because it's an air conditioner like none before it.

11 - Mattress Cooler Classic

The Mattress Cooler Classic is a mattress topper that circulates cooled water through a PVC system, and releases vaporized water to decrease the overall temperature. It uses a bedside cooling unit that allows you to set the ideal temperature for your bed. Ideally, it comes in one side for one person but can be spread horizontally on the bed to cool both sleepers.

While it's marketed as a budget-friendly alternative to the Ooler or the CUBE, it seems to be prone to mold and has mixed reviews, which is why we can't recommend it.

12- Brookstone Bed Fan with Wireless Remote

The Brookstone is an air ventilating system that sends cold air under your blanket and that you place at the foot of the bed, much like the bFan. However, it seems to have a lot more bad reviews than good, which makes me wary. It seems to shift quite a bit, as you toss and turn and also doesn't sit well on carpets. Several users have also complained that it stopped working soon after buying.

And since it's not currently available through Amazon or Brookstone (seems to have been discontinued), we can't recommend this one either.

Comparison of Bed Cooling Systems
Type Dual-Temp Support Temp Range
OOLER Water Cooling Yes 55°F - 115°F
Bedjet 3 Air Cooling Yes 66°F - 104°F
CUBE Water Cooling Yes 55°F - 115°F
Eight Pod Water Cooling Yes 55°F - 110°F
Moona Water Cooling - 71°F - 97°F
bFan Bed Fan No -
DualTemp Air Cooling Yes 3 modes - warm, cool and fan
Night Bliss Bed Fan No -
SmartDuvet Air Cooling Yes -
Evening Breeze An AC that cools bed space No 4 Modes - Breeze, Fresh, Cool, Cold
Mattress Cooler Classic Water Cooling No 7 to 12 degrees below the ambient temperature
Brookstone Bed Fan Bed Fan No -

Buyer's Guide for Bed Cooling Devices

Basically, we're looking at two main bed cooling categories: active bed coolers and passive ones. The difference lies in the technology they use to distribute temperature throughout your bed. Some are more basic, employing more breathable cooling materials (like cotton) to better sleep, while others have complex technologies behind them.

What is an Active Bed Cooling System?

Active bed cooling systems are the most prominent category of bed coolers available. Mattress coolers come in the form of under sheet bed fans, using water or air as a cooling element or cooling bed space with an air conditioner.

They work by first of all, removing the hot air under your blankets that is preventing you from sleeping, and secondly, by introducing a cooling element to correctly distribute your body temperature and keep any one area of the bed from getting too hot.

Active bed cooling technologies include:

  • Water Cooled Systems – water has a cooling effect by nature, as we well know. Water bed coolers (like the OOLER Bed Cooler, for example) usually consist of a tank in which they store water, which they then circulate through plastic padding that you've placed on your bed. This water cooling pad either goes under your sheets directly or under a mattress topper if you use one.
  • Air cooling systems – these are a more traditional system. Like the water-based one, these air coolers (of which the Bedjet system is a prime example) may consist of a special sheet that contains a set of airflow chambers. Cool air is circulated through these chambers as you sleep and works to regulate body temperature, and distribute air evenly throughout the bed.
  • Cooling fans – lastly, we have bed cooling fans, such as the bFan. As the name indicated, bed fan cooling systems can be attached to your mattress, with a little opening that fits snugly under your blanket and blows cool air all through the night.
  • Bed-targeted air conditioners – in recent years, products like the Evening Breeze system have begun emerging. This is pretty much like your regular air conditioner, but targets the bed area solely, without cooling the rest of the room.

Active Cooling Questions

  • Who are active bed coolers for?

Active bed coolers are a great option for so-called hot sleepers, people who suffer from night sweats, etc. They are an excellent long-term method for regulating the temperature in your bed.

  • Can I heat my bed with active cooling devices?

Yes, active systems work well to cool the bed, and most of them (aside from the bed fans) allow you to choose the exact temperature that works for your body by providing both cooling and heating modes.

  • What should I use if my partner has a different temperature preference?

Ideally, you should opt for air or water-cooled devices, like the Ooler, Bedjet, or CUBE, since these have dual-zone climate control, specifically for partners with different preferences. A bed fan would not be advisable, since it distributes the same temperature throughout the bed.

How do Passive Bed cooling products work?

Passive bed cooling systems do not use a specific technology to cool your bed, but rather prevent heat retention, increase breathability, and air ventilation through better bedding materials. A passive bed cooler may include a cooling mattress pad or topper (neither of which have air or cool water going through them).

Passive cooling systems are generally a more inexpensive alternative to active coolers.

What are the types of passive bed coolers?

  • Gel-infused memory foam – with such products, like the Loom&Leaf mattress from Saatva, the memory foam mattress has a cooling gel introduced inside it to keep your body cool as you sleep.
  • Breathable materials – there is plenty of choices here. You can opt for a mattress topper or a sheet made of cotton or bamboo, known for their breathability and power to stay cool throughout.
  • Cooling technologies – Several cooling technologies use different cooling materials, which we discuss below.
  • The Outlast system absorbs your body heat into its "thermocules” and stores it, allowing your body to cool again. Once the body has cooled sufficiently, the “thermocules” slowly release the heat back toward the body.
  • The Nacreous Mattress Pad, for example, uses an Outlast technology and contains a layer of polyester fibers that allow body heat to escape, instead of trapping it in the mattress.
  • The 5 technology works similarly, by storing the excess moisture your body releases, and only send it back to you once your body has cooled.
  • Lastly, the Molecule Airtec Mattress Topper is a new-and-improved memory foam topper which boasts of allowing 5 times more airflow through its innovative design, while also supporting proper posture.

Can't I Just Use an AC To Cool My Bed?

Generally speaking, yes, you could use a traditional air conditioner to cool the entire room temperature, and thus also your bed. However, AC's are inefficient in regulating sleep temperature. First, the air doesn't get under the blankets properly. And even if it does, it can't keep one part of the body cooler or hotter than another, and often people need different temperatures in different areas and at other times of the night.

And second, you'll pay a lot more in air conditioning bills, since you're cooling the entire room, and not just the bed.

So while it's possible to cool your sleep with a traditional AC, it's preferable to invest in a system designed especially for cooling your mattress.

Can I Cool My Bed eith Room Fans?

Yes, you can also opt for a traditional, budget-friendly room fan, and it may even provide a cooler sleep experience. But as with the AC dilemma, It's not built to cool your sleep and can actually disturb it. Even if the room fan feels present as you go to sleep, your body cools in the night, and the fan might end up waking you up, feeling too cold.

Once again, you can, but it's mostly inefficient.

Final Words about Bed Cooling and Heating Systems

So which is the right choice for you? The passive cooling or the active one? Honestly, it depends mainly on what kind of sleeper you are.

For example, if you only have minor to moderate trouble sleeping because of the temperature, then maybe you should opt for a passive cooling system, like the Nacreous Mattress Pad, at least at first. In-built cooling properties of these options might well fix the problem on a tight budget.

If you are a major hot sleeper and this is causing many problems in your life, then it's recommendable that you invest in an active cooling system. Once again, the choice is yours. Personally, I'm not too fond of the feeling of air blowing under me and feel that a water-based mattress provides an overall better, more uniform temperature regulating experience. It's also a lot more handy if you sleep with a partner who has different temperature preferences.

Still, it's up to you whether you opt for a water-based system, like the OOLER or the CUBE, or for an air-based one, like the Bedjet.