The Ooler Sleep System Review: Does It Worth the Investment?

By Oktay Ozadam

OOLER Sleep System

Getting a good night's sleep has never been easier, with the OOLER Sleep System from Chili Technology.

The system is the new and improved version of the CUBE Sleep System, which also sought to monitor your sleeping and adjust the temperature of your bed for optimal rest.

The OOLER (formerly known as Kryo Sleep Performance System) uses an innovative, water-powered system to regulate the temperature and prevent restlessness, aid with insomnia, anxiety, and other sleeping problems.

Update - March 22, 2020

If you're craving a temperature boost, you can now also try the chiliBLANKET, the latest release from Chili Technology. A water-powered, temperature-controlled weighted blanket, this brand new product gives a grounded, protected feeling that encourages deep sleep. And the best part is, it can run on the OOLER control unit (though they need to be purchased separately).

Why is Temperature Critical for Sleep? I Hear You Ask?

Temperature plays a pivotal role in your rest. When your body becomes overheated, your brain will automatically wake you. This can happen under a regular blanket that's too hot in certain situations and makes for a poor resting experience.

Alternatively, if your body is too cold, again, it will wake, not allowing you to get the sleep you need.

This is why heated blankets, mattress pads, and other related sleep apparel have been invented to create an optimal temperature (both hot and cold) that will encourage deep sleep and melatonin production.

A night of better sleep can lead to increased productivity and higher energy levels throughout your day.

A Word about Chili Technology

Chili Technology, though relatively new on the market, has been rapidly making a name for themselves in the sleeping gadgets industry.

Chili Technology began with Todd and Tara Youngblood and their determination to make sleepless nights a thing of the past. After extensive research, they found that a temperature-controlled sleep environment was the answer. Thus, came the CUBE PLS (now discontinued), the CUBE and the OOLER Sleep System.

Beginning with their pioneering design, the CUBE Sleep System, they focused on the restorative and relaxing properties of water, as well as creating a personalized sleeping climate for its' users.

After the CUBE came the OOLER, a much more technologically advanced sleeping system and a real game-changer in its' field. Unlike the CUBE, the OOLER mattress cooling pad comes with a variety of benefits, such as app control and a bunch of other variables that make it preferable to the CUBE.

So, Let's Talk a Bit About the OOLER Sleep System…

The OOLER Sleep System (which we'll refer to as "the OOLER" for short) was designed as an easy-to-use hydro-powered system that will cool you or warm you during a restless night.

The water-based cooling system is where the OOLER mainly differs from other similar bed cooling options that use, for example, circulated air instead.

Whereas other electric heating systems tend to be overly warm and create a stuffy atmosphere that hinders your sleep, the OOLER takes full advantage of its' water element.

We all know water as this amazing, cooling element, and the people over at Chili Tech use this to their advantage, ensuring a warm (but not too warm experience) for all the restless sleepers out there.

Unlike other bed cooling/heating systems, the OOLER is also more advanced in the sense that it has a wide thermal range, can be used directly through the app, thus eliminating the need for a remote control and can provide the user with a variety of benefits to aid sleeping.

The OOLER Design

One of the key aspects in which the OOLER is better than the CUBE, as well as other similar mattress cooling pads, is in its' low-key design. While we all love a good sleep, we don't want to bang our toes on the control unit in the dark. Furthermore, it's unaesthetic.

But the OOLER seeks to rectify that. With a sleek, compact design that can easily fit under most beds, it allows for all the benefits of a sleep system, without the bothersome box in the middle of the room.

The control unit is only 6 inches tall, and so, easy to store, even on the off-chance it doesn't fit under your bed.

The OOLER Set-up

The OOLER Sleep System is made up of two parts, the hydronic pad, and the control unit. In this section, we will take a more in-depth look at both.

The OOLER Control Unit

The tiny pad not only takes up less space but also looks cute, a bit like a futuristic, all-white radio.

Unit has a soothing appearance, in as much as a generator can be soothing, and a simplistic aspect that wouldn't ruin most room designs.

Is OOLER Noisy?

What we most love about the control unit is that it is virtually silent. This is a real problem with other control units, as you can imagine because most electric gadgets tend to make a light, whirring noise, and when you're having trouble falling asleep, this can be the last straw.

Well, in designing the OOLER control unit, the people at Chili Technology made sure to eliminate that, to ensure a more pleasant and restful experience.

According to the manufacturers, the control unit only averages a noise of 45 decibels, when it's as close as three feet away, and so shouldn't keep you up at night.

An Increased Reservoir Capacity

Another aspect in which the OOLER comes out the winner is the size of the water tank. I mean, it's great to enjoy all the relaxing benefits of a hydro-powered sleeping system, but it can get annoying having to change and replenish the water supply every day.

The OOLER control unit comes with a 30 oz (900 ml) reservoir, more than double the CUBE reservoir, which should last you at least a couple of weeks. A little light turns on automatically when the system is low on water so that you don't have to worry about replenishing it.

Better Noise Control

It also comes with multiple white noise control settings. Whereas before, you only had one (51-56 dBA) option, the OOLER allows you to switch between three settings, depending on what you find soothing:

  • The Silent (~51-56 dBA);
  • The Regular (~58-63 dBA);
  • The Boost (~61-66 dBA).

An issue that some people had with the OOLER was the white noise it transmits. While quieter than other products, it is not completely silent. That is to say; it does emit a soft whirring noise. And while for some, this proved to be a very pleasant, background noise that helped them fall asleep, for others, it was irritating and tended to keep them up at night.

This is an issue that depends on personal preference. You know yourself best. However, it's worth noting that several customers complained the white noise was noticeable only on the higher settings, so, on the 'Silent', it should be fine.

Of course, with the slower, "Silent" setting, the mattress will cool slower than it would, say, on "Boost". However, that might be a worthy trade to be able to fall asleep, no?

Judging by the many excellent customer reviews this product has, the noise settings aren't too disturbing and shouldn't usually disrupt your sleep.

Furthermore, white noise can have therapeutic benefits, both in encouraging you to fall asleep, as well as soothing anxiety and night terrors. It's been scientifically proven that people who were exposed to white noise fell asleep a lot faster (less than five minutes) than the people who were left to sleep spontaneously.

Auto Cleaning Itself

The control unit also has a special lens that blocks out blue light (believed to be very damaging for the eye). It also has some other pretty neat features, such as an auto-cleanse using UV lights. This is an overlooked, but a particularly nice feature, because without this cleansing mechanism, bacteria tends to grow inside water tanks. Gross, we know.

It also offers different scheduling and wake-up options, which we will talk a bit more about below when reviewing the app features.

The OOLER System isn't just about the sleep itself, but rather about improving the entire sleep experience.

The OOLER Mattress Pad – Hydronic Pad

And now, let's talk a bit about the mattress pad itself, "where the magic happens", as Chili Technology calls it.

Again, the OOLER design is more friendly to you and the ambiance of your room, as it runs on refreshing, cooling water, and also better for the environment.

Thanks to the hydro-powered mechanism, the OOLER pad is EMF-free.

That means it does not emit electromagnetic radiation.

While there is a fair amount of debate over whether this is true or not, EMF radiation is said to pose a health risk and weaken the human body, especially after prolonged exposure.

The water runs through silicon tubes that can be unplugged when you need to clean the pad.

The bottom of the mattress pad is made of waterproof polyester fibers while the top from a highly stretchable and comfy jacquard.

Note: Though the tag will say "polyester" due to regulations, Chili Technology actually use Tencel fibers for their products.

An added bonus that many customers have remarked upon is that the hose for the OOLER is particularly long (7 ft), which allows for more choice as to where you can place the control unit. This might be beneficial both in terms of room décor, as well as regarding the white noise it emits.

Comes in Several Sizes…

… which we love. A lack of variety in size can dampen an otherwise excellent sleeping system. Once again, that is not the case for the OOLER. They offer products in two ranges, the MEs and the WEs.

This water circulating mattress pad comes in several size options, ranging from the Half Queen, appropriate for a single bed, to the King, excellent for sharing with your significant other. It also has adjustable straps to make sure the pad doesn't become loose or shift uncomfortably while you sleep.

The MEs, of course, are destined for single-use, while the WEs are for doubles.

  • The Half Queen (ME) : 30” (76 cm) width, 75” (190 cm) length, perfect for a Single bed;
  • The Half King (ME): 38” (96 cm) width, 80” (203 cm) length, perfect for a twin XL:
  • The Half Cal-King (ME): 36” (91 cm) width, 84” (213 cm length, perfect for a split king bed;
  • The Queen (WE): 60” (153 cm) width, 80” (203 cm) length, for a queen bed;
  • The King (WE): 76” (193 cm) width, 80” (203 cm) length, for a king bed;
  • The Cal-King (WE): 72” (183 cm) width, 84” (213 cm) length, for a cal king.

Note: The WE mattresses come with two control units, one for each person.

The different OOLER Sleeping Systems vary in price from $699 for a Half Queen to $1499 for a Cal-King.

Is the OOLER Sleep System Comfortable?

Much like the story of the princess and the pea, the thermal aspect is only half the journey and won't cut it if the mattress itself is uncomfortable. Luckily, that's not the case for the OOLER Sleep System.

By most customer accounts, the OOLER mattress seems to be very comfortable and restful to sleep on.

However, some have complained that the fabric tends to be a little bit too soft, which can be annoying for some. Several people like to sleep on harder surfaces, either for health purposes or personal preference.

So, if you simply can't abide by soft mattresses, this product might not be the best choice for you. However, we believe that in combination with a hard bed underneath, it should create quite a pleasant balance between the two.

The OOLER proved overwhelmingly popular with menopausal women, dealing with hot flashes, who say that the cooling setting helped tremendously.

While the vast majority of customers were pleased with the OOLER Sleep System, some people complained it didn't cool them as expected, but this depends on room ambiance, as well as the individual (such things as weight play a significant role).

Of course, the outer layer of the mattress can be detached, and machine washed, to avoid the build-up of dirt, bacteria, etc.

Hot & Cold – How Does the Temperature Regulation Work?

This part may seem a bit tricky, especially if you're not used to electric blankets or other heated sleeping products, but we'll try to break it down as best we can.

Like the CUBE, the OOLER set out to provide an optimal sleeping temperature for everyone. As you probably know already, this can be particularly tricky to achieve if you share the room with someone who hates the heat, whereas you love it, or vice-versa.

Since the OOLER mattress can come in a one-person size, as well, you can sleep with your loved one and not have to continually fight over the room temperature or the thickness of the blanket.

The OOLER System continually runs water through the silicone micro-tubes installed inside the mattress pad. Chili Technology has chosen water as their main element because water cools, while not freezing you over. It carries a very interesting balance between hot and cold.

As anyone who's ever sat in a jacuzzi or a heated pool will be able to tell you, hot water has the wonderful ability to keep you warm and cozy but avoids the over-stuffiness that you might encounter in a mattress that runs with air circulation.

While maintaining warmth, water also has a cooling aspect. You feel chilled, while in a jacuzzi, don't you? Exactly the same with the OOLER mattress pad, it isn't hot. It isn't cold. It's cool.

The OOLER System can be as cold as 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 C) and as hot as 115 F (46 C).

The mattress itself is made of polyester fiber, a clever design, because it allows warm water to circulate, but prevents the pad from overheating (which can cause sleep disruption).

The pad also has a far-infrared fiber that will enable it to reflect light, again helpful with overheating. The fabric is designed in such a way that it is optimal for temperature conductivity.

For these reasons, this bed cooling system is extremely efficient.

Naturally, the pad is waterproof, to be able to sustain its' hydro-powered system.


Unlike the CUBE, the OOLER System doesn't need a remote control. Which is great, because we've all spent at least an hour in our lives looking for that pesky little thing.

Instead, the OOLER System can be run directly through an app on your phone (compatible, of course, both with Android and Apple users). This makes it extremely efficient and easy to run.

Custom Sleep Schedule

You can program different temperatures for different hours through your phone.

You can set a custom sleep schedule, optimal for you, through the phone.

Can't sleep because of the white noise? You no longer need to get out of bed and turn on the lights to look at the remote control. You can simply adjust it through your smartphone.

One aspect users particularly liked about the app feature was that you were able to set a specific schedule through it. In other words, if you go to bed, say, at midnight, you just have to tap a few buttons on your screen, and your bed will begin to warm up at around 11 PM so that it's nice and cozy by the time you get in.

But perhaps the best feature of the OOLER control unit is its' programmable sleep schedule option. It allows you to set different temperatures for different nights of the week (can be useful when dealing with your cycle or going through hormone changes, for example), and also allows you to switch between temperatures even within the night. You can, for example, opt for a warmer ambiance for the first hour, to ease you into sleeping, and then perhaps cool it down a little as the body drifts into a deeper sleep, and the temperature regulates.

Warm Awake

The programmable feature of the OOLER also allows you to set yourself a more "natural" wake-up call, called Warm Awake.

A recent study showed that waking up to harsh, sudden alarm ringtones can increase the level of morning grogginess and also affect your overall productivity and irritation levels throughout the day.

But with the OOLER Sleep System, you no longer need to subject yourself to annoying alarm calls. Instead, you can program the unit beforehand to warm up gradually, as your usual waking hour approaches, and thus ease you into a calm and natural awakening.

Common App Complaints

While we think that the app idea is great, there have been several customers who've complained about it.

For one thing, the app connects to the control unit through Bluetooth and sometimes has trouble connecting, which can be annoying if you're just going to sleep and are trying to program something. No one wants to hang around for half an hour, waiting for the signal.

Other customers noticed that the app sometimes kicked them out for no apparent reason, which again, can be unpleasant. And some had to uninstall and reinstall it several times because it would glitch out.

While this can, of course, disrupt your sleeping experience some, Chili Technology is aware of the issue, apparently, and is continually working on improving the app and fixing any glitches that might pop up.

Who is the OOLER Best For?

The short answer would be for anyone because we've seen excellent reviews from users of both sexes and all ages. It's great for both couples and singles. It's particularly well-liked by more mature women, and hot sleepers, as mentioned, thanks to the cooling feature.

The OOLER is a good idea for people who:

  • suffer from anxiety, particularly night-time anxiety. The warmth of the OOLER gives a feeling of comfort and safety, which can significantly reduce any stress you might be facing;
  • have chronic insomnia and spend hours tossing and turning;
  • wake up regularly during the night because the bed is too hot/cold;
  • can't sleep during summer because of the heat;
  • struggle with nightmares – since the mattress promotes comfort and deep sleep, it might also soothe the body and mind and so reduce nightmares.

Basically, it's for anyone who has trouble sleeping or even people who already have a good sleep, but are looking to sleep even better.

How Does the Cleaning Work?

One of the biggest worries new clients have with such products is the cleaning aspect. They worry that it will be that much different from cleaning regular products, when in fact, it's not. Like with everything else, Chili Technology aims to make the maintenance part as easy as possible.

Maintenance of Control Unit

The control unit cleanses itself using a UV light system. The UV rays protect the interior of the unit and ensure bacteria doesn't grow inside. It needs no further maintenance, other than replenishing the water tank whenever it's low.

The manufacturer recommends doing a deep clean every 2 or 3 months, to prevent and remove build-up. This can be done by activating the Deep Clean feature on the app. In a Deep Clean, your control unit will run at full speed for about an hour, then shut off automatically when it's done. Make sure to give it enough time (e.g., don't perform this process before bed).

Additionally, Chili Technology also offers a system cleansing solution, which is a mixture of antimicrobial ingredients that you need to let run through the tubes for a bit to clean them more thoroughly.

Maintenance of Hydronic Pad

The hydronic pad should be washed in a front-loading washing machine only, without an agitator, and only on a gentle cycle and in cold water. Remember to secure the pad's tubes to prevent breaking (use rope or rubber bands). When drying, maintain the gentle setting, the tubes secured, and make sure there's no heat.

And that's it. See, told you it wasn't so bad!

Technical Specs and Features

The OOLER's features and specifications are, as follows:

  • Control unit dimensions: 15in x 10in x 6in (38cm x 25cm x15cm). It weighs around 9.5 pounds;
  • Temperature Range: available both in F and C, 55-115 degrees Fahrenheit and 13-46 degrees Celsius;
  • Usage: Per year, the OOLER Sleep System averages a 500 Wh consumption;
  • Power: The OOLER needs to be plugged into a power outlet;
  • Hose length: 7 feet (roughly 2m);
  • Material: Surface is made of Tencel fibers, while the bottom of the mattress is made of water-resistant fibers. The inside constitutes of silicone tubing;
  • Supported weight: The OOLER doesn't have a max weight limit, but the manufacturer does recommend using it with a 250 lbs weight or so (~90kg) for optimal results.

But What If I Don't Like It?

Good question. Luckily, Chili has thought about that and is offering a 90-day money-back guarantee. So that should give you ample time to try the OOLER Sleep System out, see if it works and if it's not the thing for you, to send it back within 90 days.

Tip: The 90-day money-back option is only available if you buy through the official Chili Technology online store. It is not applicable if you purchase your OOLER through Amazon or some other third-party vendor. And also, it does not include the price of the shipment.

Common Questions

We know buying a mattress pad is a big step (it is, after all, quite a hefty sum), so we tried our best to answer any questions you might have.

What Are the Temperature Limits?

As mentioned, they range from 55 to 115 F and 13 to 46 C. However, not all products will work the same. It also depends on the ambiance of the room, as well as the user. For example, under really heavyweight, the system might not work as well, so take that into account before purchasing.

Does OOLER Reduce Energy Costs?

It can decrease your energy bill. Chili Technology believes that it's counterproductive to spend so much energy cooling the whole house when you spend most of your time at home sleeping. By using the OOLER as a cooling mechanism during sleep, you can reduce the bill, since you won't be using any other products to chill the house.

Speaking Of Energy, Will It Help Boost My Energy Levels?

Yes, it will help you be more energetic. According to the Sleep Foundation, a good sleep significantly impacts your energy levels. So far, the majority of OOLER users have reported an increase in their own productivity over the day.

Can I Use the OOLER Without the App?

Yes, it is possible to use the OOLER without the app (in case you don't have a smartphone). It's possible to set it from the control unit itself, but we would recommend using it in tandem with the app, if at all possible because the control unit doesn't offer all the scheduling features as the app.

Is OOLER more Silent than CUBE?

Yes and no. While the specifications for both list the sound at around 51-56 decibels, the difference between the two is that while the CUBE only had the one-speed setting, the OOLER offers three different speed settings for the fan blades (which make it more or less noisy, according to each option).

How Often Did You Say I Needed to Clean It?

Once every month or so should be fine. Chili Technology recommends running a deep clean anywhere from once a month to once every three months, according to preference, but really, you shouldn't leave it longer than that.

Alternative Cooling Pads for Mattresses

We've talked a lot about the OOLER, but that's not the only sleep system option out there.

One of the main OOLER alternatives available is the BedJet 3, which works more like a fan and blows hot or cold air inside the bed. The BedJet is cheaper than the OOLER, though not as effective in cooling (doesn't go quite as low), and the air can become a bit dry. A review of Bedjet 3 can be found here.

Another alternative to the OOLER is the CUBE, also cheaper, but the OOLER offers a bunch of nifty additions, such as the gentle warming wake-up and the app. Overall, we'd recommend the OOLER Sleep System as the better option, but for a more in-depth look, we recommend checking out our detailed comparison of OOLER vs CUBE vs Bedjet.

Where should I Buy It?

The OOLER is available both through the official website and through Amazon.

Still, we recommend buying from the official Chili Technology website, because that means you have a 90-day money-back guarantee and don't risk being scammed.

Final Thoughts on OOLER Sleep System

Though the OOLER is definitely a pricey product, we were quite overwhelmed by the high number of excellent reviews it got. And we feel that an improved sleep (that can improve your serotonin levels and overall productivity) is definitely worth the high price.

Yes, there are a couple of bad aspects, such as the glitchy app or the white noise, but we think that the good far outweighs the bad, for this particular product. We would recommend the OOLER Sleep System if you're in the market for such a product.

  • Excellent track record in improving sleep and energy levels
  • Some found the white noise soothing
  • Allows sleep schedule
  • Gradual warming wake-up
  • Topper is compact, comfortable, and waterproof
  • Various sizes
  • Machine washable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Auto-cleaning process
  • Quite expensive if you want to get two systems so each person can control their side
  • White noise disrupting for some
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