Making a Splash: The Best Waterproof Smartwatches for Kids

By Oktay Ozadam

Waterproof Smartwatch For Kids

With summer here and the season of swimming upon us, it's a good time to be considering the best waterproof smartwatches for kids. It's a well-known fact that children tend to splash around and pay less care to not getting their watches wet while washing their hands.

In this article, I'll be looking at some of the best waterproof kid watches so that the little one can enjoy themselves in the water, and still be able to access all the latest smartwatch technology.

So if you're looking for the top GPS smart watch for kids or the best smart watch for children with a camera, this article may not be for you, as I'll be focusing specifically on the water resistance.

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick list of our top picks.

Our Picks (from over 70 smartwatches)
Smartwatch IP & ATM Sim Card Tracking Camera Two-way Call SOS Call Screen Designed For Price
TickTalk3IP674GGPS - LBS - WiFi2MPYesYes1.54" TFT - 320x320 dpiKids Check Price
Verizon GizmoWatchIPX74GGPSNoYesNoTouch ScreenKids Check Price
Lil Tracker LT-200 Waterproof Kids GPS WatchIP672GGPS - LBS - WiFiNoYesYes1.22" Colour TouchscreenKids Check Price
Lintelek IP68/5ATMNoNoNoNoNo1. 3" Touch screenNot for kids Check Price
YAMAY Smart Watch for Android and iOSIP68NoGPSNoNoNo1.3" TFT LCD color screenNot for kids Check Price
KUNGIX Smart Watch5ATMNoNoYesNoNo1.3" high-definition color screenNot for kids Check Price
LeapFrog LeapBand, BlueWater ResistantNoNoNoNoNoHi-Res ScreenKids Check Price

What You Need to Know About Waterproof Jargon

Let's look through some of the terms you'll encounter in this article before we talk about the top products.

Smart devices are usually given an IP rating to determine their resistance level to various things.

The IP stands for Ingress Protection or International Protection and is usually followed by two digits, X and Y.

The first digit, the X, refers to the level of protection from solids that the device has, chiefly dust.

The X is rated on a scale of 0 to 6, and when looking for a waterproof device, you'll want to get one with a 6 rating, which means that no dust gets in at all.

The second digit, the Y, refers to the level of protection from liquids, and is rated on a scale from 0 to 8.

Some things to consider about waterproof smartwatches:

  • The IP rating is only given after thorough testing. It's not something a company can simply add in there without proof;
  • Different ratings mean different things. For example, an IPX5 or IPX6 is resistant to water jets, but not waterproof. It can't be submerged into water. On the other hand, if a device is rated IPX7 or IPX8, that doesn't necessarily mean it also covers lower levels. So a device may be IPX8, aka water-resistant, yet still easy to damage with a water jet.
  • No watch is fully waterproof. Depending on the rating, some devices may be more resistant to water than others. Still, none will be completely waterproof, so don't trust anyone who tells you their device is completely waterproof.

How We Rated the Products

There's a watch for every taste out there. Most waterproof GPS kids watches have a rating of IP67 or IP68, so all pretty good. A few of them give an IPX7 rating, or even an IP65, which aren't as good, but still decent devices.

Below, I will go through each rating and what it means precisely, as well as show you the best picks that fall under that category.

Be warned that some watches can be as cheap as $18, while others go up to $170, usually depending on the functions the watch provides.

Kids Waterproof Digital Watches with IP67 Rating

First of all, what exactly does IP67 mean?

As you can see, the first digit is at max (6), meaning that the watch is completely proofed against dust and other solids.

The second digit is nearly at max, meaning that the watch is water-resistant. According to tests, an IP67 device works (for a limited time) underwater.

On our list alone, there are 25 smartwatches for kids with an IP67 rating, so it may be daunting to go through each one. Luckily, you don't have to, as I've done that for you.

In the table below, I've outlined the rating and the most critical features for kids' watches, such as GPS tracking, two-way calls, and SOS alerts. All are important for your child's safety and your own peace of mind.

IP67 Waterproof Kid Watches
Smartwatch IP Sim Card Tracking Camera Two-way Call SOS Call Screen
Smart Watch for Kids by TUFENIP672GGPS - LBS - WiFiYesYesYes1.44" Touch Screen
MONIMO Smart Watch Phone for KidsIP672GLBSYesYesYes 1.44" Touch Screen
Kids Smartwatch with GPS Tracker by Beacon PetIP672GGPSYesYesYes1.44" Touch Screen
Smartwatch for Kids with Voice Chat by AmeiqaIP672GLBSYesYesYes1.44"
Waterproof AGPS Smartwatch by Happy CherryIP67YesAGPS - LBSYesYesYes1.44"- 128*128
Kids Smart WatchIP672GLBS0.3MPYesYes1.44" HD Color Touch Screen
KKUYI Kids Smart Watch with SOSIP672GAGPS - LBSYesYesYes1.44''HD Touch screen - 240x240 pixels
MONIMO Kids Smartwatch with GPS TrackerIP672GGPS - LBSYesYesYes1.44'' HD Touch Screen
SZBXD Kids Waterproof Smart WatchIP672GAGPS - LBSYesYesYesTouch Screen
GBD Waterproof Kids Smart WatchIP672GAGPS - LBSYesYesYes1.54" screen
GBD Waterproof Kids Smart WatchIP672GAGPS - LBSYesYesYes1.54" screen
Waterproof Smart Watch for Boys & Girls by SZBXDIP672GAGPS - LBSYesYesYesTouch Screen
Waterproof Kids Smart Watch by TURNMEONIP672GGPSYesYesYes1.44'' HD Touch screen
Themoemoe Kids SmartwatchIP67YesLBSYesYesYesHD Touch Screen
Kids Waterproof Smart Watch by LDB Direct (Red)IP672GAGPS - LBS YesYesYes 1.44'' Touch Screen
zqtech Digital Wrist Watch for KidsIP67YesAGPS - LBSYesYesYesTouch Screen
Smart Watch for Kids with GPS Tracker by GreaSmartIP672GAGPS - LBSYesYesYes1.44" screen - 128x128
BowJet AGPS Waterproof Kids Smart WatchIP672GAGPS - LBSYesYes1.44" touch screen
LDB Direct Kids Smartwatch - Waterproof (Blue)IP672GAGPS - LBS YesYesYesTouch Screen
IP67 Waterproof Phone Watch by Santery (Pink)IP672GAGPS - LBS YesYesYesTouch Screen
PTHTECHUS Kids Smart Watch with GPS TrackerIP672GGPSYesYesYesHD Touch Screen
Vowor 4G Smartwatch for KidsIP674GGPS - LBSYesYesYesTouch Screen
9Tong Waterproof Kid WatcheIP674GGPS - LBS - WiFiYesYesYes1.4" LCD
Vowor Kids Smart WatchIP674GGPS - LBS 0.3MPYesYes1.44" IPS 240x240
Lil Tracker LT-200 Waterproof Kids GPS WatchIP672GGPS - LBS - WiFiNoYesYes1.22" Colour Touchscreen
TickTalk3IP674GGPS - LBS - WiFi2MPYesYes1.54" TFT - 320x320 dpi
AMENON Waterproof Kids Smart Watch - GPSIP67YesGPS - LBSYesYesYesTouch Screen

Now, we will go through the smartwatches with an IP67 rating. In my research, I have gone through them all and checked ratings, customer reviews, and prices to ensure that you find the one that fits what you are looking for.

TickTalk 3 Kids Smart Watch Phone

TickTalk 3 is easily the best choice available, in my opinion. Beside the IP67 rating, it has a 4G network coverage, which is important, considering that 2G and 3G are slowly disappearing, so a watch with lower coverage isn't of much use.

TickTalk 3 is also the only smartwatch in this table with a resolution of 320x320 px, which is huge for a smartwatch. It comes equipped with a great camera(2 MP) and an excellent 1.54" screen size for your child to see all their favorite apps and images.

It will let you message and call your child, as well as track them through an accurate GPS tracking system. It also comes with a replaceable strap, a reminder for chores and tasks, as well as a Do Not Disturb function for school and homework.

Indeed, the only downside is that it's definitely on the pricey side, but well worth it. I have reviewed the TickTalk 3 in more detail in another article, so feel free to check that out as well.

Lil Tracker

The Lil Tracker definitely is… little. It has a 1.22” screen, whereas most of these watches go up to a reasonable 1.44 – 1.54-inch screen. However, that makes the Lil Tracker excellent for smaller children.

It also comes with some pretty unique features. It has extensive GPS + LBS + Wi-Fi coverage, which is very important when you need to know your little one is safe.

Lil Tracker also enables geofencing, meaning it sends out an alert when your child leaves an area you set for. Besides that, it also has remote monitoring, meaning you can listen to your child's surroundings.

Compared to the TickTalk 3, both offer great features when it comes to your child's security, making up for the smaller screen. It depends on what you wish from your child's smart device. But if you want a water-resistant watch that also keeps your kid safe, Lil Tracker is a good option!

Waterproof Kid Smartwatches with IP68 Rating

An IP68 rating is similar to an IP67. It is resistant to dust, sand, dirt, and any other solid material. It can also continue working if submerged underwater.

However, whereas the IP67 could only resist being submerged in water less than a meter deep, the IP68 reaches down to 1.5 meters of water. It's resistant to limited (up to 30 minutes) water exposure and rain, but should not be used in the shower or while swimming.

Although there are a few IP68 options, most of them have few reviews, so it was a little hard to settle on one.

The only IP68 smartwatch for children that stands out is the new version of the OJOY.

IP68 Waterproof Kid Watches
Smartwatch IP Sim Card Tracking Camera Two-way Call SOS Call Screen
Kid Smartwatch Phone by NiTsaiIP682GAGPS - LBSYesYesYes1.44" HD Touch Screen
iFunplus Kids Smartwatch PhoneIP682GAGPS - LBSYesYesYes1.44" HD Touch Screen
FITZOOM Kids Smart Watch Phone IP68 (Pink)IP682GGPS - LBS0.3MPYesYesHD color Touch screen
Kids Smart WatchIP68YesGPS0.3MPYesYes1.54" touch full color screen
Ojoy [New Version] A1 Kids Smart WatchIP684GGPSYesYesYesTouch Screen

OJOY Smart Watch for Kids

The OJOY offers pretty much all the standard functions a children's smartwatch needs to have, such as GPS tracking, 2-way calling, notifications, messaging, camera, etc.

However, I had a pretty hard time finding a truly satisfied customer for this one. Many noted that they had trouble with the OJOY in various respects: sometimes, it wouldn't count steps or track sleep, other times it would lose GPS signal…

The thing is, the OJOY is in a similar price range with the TickTalk 3. And while it does offer a little more water resistance, honestly, I'd say the TickTalk is a much better deal in terms of functioning and customer satisfaction. That one also offers a better battery life and more accurate tracking of your child.

Kids' Watches with IPX7 Rating

As you might have guessed by now, a device with IPX7 rating means that while it has been tested against water and can be submerged for up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water, it has not been tested against dust or solids.

So basically, IPX7 is similar to IP67, as far as water resistance goes, but is not dust-proof.

The only IPX7 I was able to find were both made by Verizon, a reliable manufacturer. So I reviewed them both together (since the Disney Edition is the same product, but with a Mickey Mouse Design).

IPX7 Waterproof Kid Watches
Smartwatch IP Sim Card Tracking Camera Two-way Call SOS Call Screen
Verizon GizmoWatchIPX74GGPSNoYesNoTouch Screen
Gizmowatch Disney Edition by VerizonIPX74GGPSNoNoNoTouch Screen

Verizon GizmoWatch

The Gizmo is also in a similar price range with the TickTalk 3, so it is not cheap, but definitely worth it, from what I can tell. It has lots of satisfied customers. It has 4G coverage, which is the best at the moment and is an efficient child tracker. It also offers 2-way calling, so you can talk to your kid any time you want.

The Gizmo watches also have a step counter, alarm, notifications, reminders for different tasks, and a camera. Overall, it's everything your child might need to feel both free, but also be safe.

Naturally, the TickTalk 3 is also dust-proof, which is great, but the Gizmo is also an reliable choice.

Smartwatches for Children with No IP Rating

There is a surprisingly high number of children’s devices without any IP rating whatsoever. No IP rating doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not tested, just that the manufacturer or seller did not take the time to fill in the details, and instead just told you it’s waterproof.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend any of these products, since we can’t know just how water-resistant they really are. But since there are so many of these on the market, I include a list of watches with no rating for your convenience.

Kid Watches - No IP Rating Listed
Smartwatch IP Sim Card Tracking Camera Two-way Call SOS Call Screen
showerxina Kids SmartwatchNot Listed4GLBSYesYesYes1.54" IPS HD color touch screen
AirFresh Kid SmartwatchNot Listed2GAGPS - LBSYesYesYes1.44" color screen - 128x128 pixels
HelloPet S6 Kids Smart WatchNot Listed2GNoYesYesYes1.44" Colorful Display
Lsflair Kids Smart WatchesNot Listed2GGPS - LBS - WiFiYesYesYesHD Touch Screen
TORWMEN Kids Smart WatchNot Listed2GLBSYesYesYes1.44" transparent LCD touch screen
Airbinifit Kids Smartwatch for Girls and BoysNot Listed2GNo0.3MPYesYes1.54" Touch screen - 240x240
Rayph Store Not Listed2GGPS - LBSYesYesYes 1. 44 inch touch screen
Kids Waterproof Smartwatch Phone by iFunplusNot Listed2GAGPS - LBSYesYesYesTouch Screen
SZBXD Kids SmartwatchesNot Listed2GAGPS - LBSYesYesYesTouch Screen
LDB Direct Kids Smartwatches Waterproof,Not Listed2GGPS - LBSYesYesYesTouch Screen
Kids Smart Watch WaterproofNot Listed2GLBS - AGPSYesYesYesTouch Screen
LBD Direct Waterproof Smart Watch for BoysNot Listed2GLBS - AGPSYesYesYesTouch Screen
Karaforna Smart Watch for KidsNot Listed2GGPS - LBSYesYesYes1.4" HD Touch screen
UOTO 4G Kids Smartwatch PhoneNot Listed4GGPSYesYesYes1.44" HD screen - 240×240 dpi resolution
bohongde Waterproof Kids Smartwatch Not ListedYesLBSYesYesYes1.44" HD Screen

Water-Resistant Smartwatches Not for Kids

Until now, we've only talked about devices that are specifically designed for children. In the table and the reviews below, we look at some other smartwatch options with different waterproof ratings, that are not for kids, specifically.

While the watches below may not be suitable for a smaller child (e.g., 4 to 10 years old), they might be worth considering for an older kid who is a little too old for a childish design.

Warning: These watches are designed for adults and do not offer GPS tracking or support for a SIM card.

They also introduce us to a new term: ATM.

ATM is short for the atmosphere and is a bit more advanced than an IP rating. For example, a 5 ATM rating implies that your watch can withstand a 50 m deep atmosphere, which means more pressure than your average IP rating.

A 5 ATM watch is suitable for wearing in the shower or for swimming, unlike the IP rated ones above, though still not enough for water sports or deep diving.

IPX7 Waterproof Kid Watches
Smartwatch IP & ATM Sim Card Tracking Camera Two-way Call SOS Call Screen
KUNGIX Smart Watch5ATMNoNoYesNoNo1.3" high-definition color screen
Bluetooth Smart Watch by HathowNot ListedYesNoYesNoNoHD LCD Touch Screen
Nidiox Smart Watch - Water ResistantIP68NoNoNoNoNo1.3" Color Touch Screen
Touchscreen Smart Watch Not ListedYesNo1.3MYesNo1.54" curved IPS HD touch screen - 240x240 resolution
Smart Watch Uwatch35ATMNoNoYesNoNo1.3" Touch screen
YAMAY Smart Watch for Android and iOSIP68NoGPSNoNoNo1.3" TFT LCD color screen
Lintelek IP68/5ATMNoNoNoNoNo1. 3" Touch screen
Bluetooth Wrist WatchNot ListedYesNo1.3MPYesNo1.54" TFT LCD 2.5D radian capacitive touchscreen - 240x240 pixels
moreFit Activity Tracker Smart WatchIP67NoNoNoNoNo1.3" LCD color touchscreen
Kalakate Smart WatchIP68NoNoNoNoNo1.54" TFT LCD color screen
Smart Watch for AndroidIP68NoNoNoNoNoTouch Screen
FitFort Smart Watch IP68 WaterproofIP68NoNoNoNoNo1.3" LCD Color Screen
GARINEMAX Smart Watch for Android & iOSIP68NoNoNoNoNo 1.3" color display screen
J-SPYFIT Smart WatchIP68NoNoNoNoNo1.33" big touchscreen TFT
ANGGO waterproof smartwatch (red) IP68NoNoNoNoNo1.3" TFT-LCD full color screen

Lintelek Smart Watch

The Lintelek is a very affordable ($30-$40 price range) smartwatch that offers you a touch screen and has both an IP68 and a 5 ATM rating, which is great if your child loves spending a lot of time in the water.

It has hundreds of excellent reviews, counts steps, and is an overall great fitness and health tracker. It also allows your child to stay connected to their social media accounts through notifications.

The only downside seems to be that the screen is a bit small, but overall, the watch is well worth it.

YAMAY Smart Watch for Android and iOS

The YAMAY is a tad pricier than the Lintelek, but another worthy find. With over 5k reviews on Amazon (60% of which are five stars), it's perhaps the most well-loved and popular watch on our list.

Although it does not have an ATM rating, it does offer a respectable IP68 and a hoard of great fitness tracking features. It counts steps and calories and allows your child to record 14 different types of sports. It even offers a female health tracker for your daughter.

Overall, YAMAY seems like the best option in terms of customer popularity.

KUNGIX Smart Watch

The KUNGIX has fewer ratings, granted, but it has an unbeatable price, well within the $15-$20 range. It offers your teen everything they need: calls, messaging, social media notifications, fitness tracking, and a sleep monitor.

It also has a 5 ATM rating, which means your child can take it with them in the shower or when they go swimming.

Also, the reviews that it does have are all pretty satisfied, with the watch garnering an overall 4 out of 5 ratings.

Water-Resistant Smartwatch for 4-7-year-olds

I also wanted to include a category for small children, since the watches we mentioned earlier may be too big or complicated for them.

The LeapFrog LeapBand waterproof smartwatch seems to be the best option for your small child. It does not have a fitness tracker, but it does have 50 challenges that are both educational and great fun. It can teach your little one to tell the time and has loads of games to keep them entertained.

While the LeapFrog is marketed as water-resistant, and customers do note that it isn't damaged by water, I couldn't find any actual IP rating, unfortunately. Still, a great idea if your child is too small for the other watches.

Waterproof Kids Watch Q & A

  • Can my child swim with a 5 ATM watch? How about an IP67 or IP68 watch?

No, watches with IP67 and IP68 ratings can not be worn while swimming. Watches with 5 ATM rating can be worn while surface swimming.

While all of the above means that the watch is water-resistant, you must understand that IP ratings don't take water pressure into account.

  • Is the VTech Kidizoom smartwatch dx2 waterproof?

The Vtech Kidizoom is splash-proof, according to manufacturers, but not waterproof. It should not be used while swimming, showering, or bathing.

We also have a more in-depth review of Vetch Kidizoom Smartwatch, if you'd like to get more information on this kid wearable.

Verdict: Our Picks (and why)

Many of the watches in this review are decent products, and the choice depends on what you are looking for from a watch. Our picks are, in this order:

  1. The TickTalk 3

    This one, albeit a tad pricey, seems to be a big fan-favorite. It provides decent water resistance for daily tasks and has excellent coverage, tracking, etc.

  2. The Verizon GizmoWatch 2

    GizmoWatch will be our second pick if you are already on a verizon plan. A great option, with the same water resistance and the basic features a child watch needs.

  3. The KUNGIX Smart Watch

    We also loved this one (for teens) as it has 5 ATM coverage and an unbeatable price.