The 10 Best GPS Smartwatches for Kids in 2020

By Oktay Ozadam

GPS Smartwatches for Kids

As a parent, worrying is just part of the job description, but these watches for kids with GPS tracking might make your life just a little bit easier.

Think about it, wouldn't you want to know where your child is 24/7? Not to have to worry why they're taking a long time coming home from school or why you can't see them in the supermarket anymore?

With a GPS smartwatch, you can ensure your child's safety – and they come with a bunch of other cool features that your child will love!

Heads up! In this article, we'll be talking exclusively about GPS smartwatches for kids. However, we do know there are loads of other GPS tracking devices also intended for children, and we will have a separate article on that soon, so make sure to check back to our website for more GPS goodies!

Our Top Picks

Top Pick: TickTalk 3

Overall, it has some of the best reviews in this list, and the 4G frequency is a major plus. It is pricier than the other options, but we do feel that that extra money is well-spent on your kid's safety.

2nd Best: LDB Direct Kids Smartwatch

Other than the 2G frequency, it has excellent reviews and seems to be a top-quality product that we can't not recommend. It's a budget-friendly worthy alternative to the above.

3rd Best: Kids Smartwatch with GPS by MeritSoar

It seems to be a reasonably good product, and we'd go for it if we were going after a long-lasting battery alone.

Honorable Mention: UOTO 4G Kids Smartwatch Phone with Sim Card

We like that UOTO is one of the few watches that offer 4G coverage, and it does seem a safe, high-tech watch if a tad unsteady, which is why it deserves a mention.

The watches not mentioned in 'Our Picks' aren't necessarily bad items, though, for some reason or another, they didn't make the cut for us. However, we do hope that our reviews have helped you in picking out the best gps smartwatch for your kid to ensure your family's safety.

Comparison of 10 GPS Smartwatches for Children
Tick Talk 3 LDB Direct Kids Smart-watch UOTO 4G Kids Smart-watch Kids Smartwatch with GPS by MeritSoar Kids Smartwatch with GPS Tracker by GreaSmart Themoemoe Kids Smart-watch Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker by Karaforna Jsbaby Kids smartwatch 4G GPS Smartwatch for kids – OwlCole LG - GizmoPal 2 Smartwatch
Price Range $$$- Check Price $$ - Check Price $$ - Check Price $$ - Check Price $$ - Check Price $$ - Check Price $$ - Check Price $$ - Check Price $$$ - Check Price $$$ - Check Price
SOS Alert
Supported Network Frequency 4G 2G 4G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 4G 4G
Two-Way Calling
Waterproof IP67 Water-Resistant IP67 Water-Resistant IP67 Water-Resistant Water-Resistant Unclear- Resistant, at least IP67 Water-Resistant IP67 Water-Resistant IP67 Water-Resistant IP65 Water Resistant (poor) IPx7 Water-Resistant
Games (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)
Battery Life Fair - Good Fair - Good Poor - Fair Good Good Fair Weak - Fair Fair - Good Good Fair

Our Reviews - Which is the Best GPS Smartwatch for My Kid?

All of our reviews are honest and unbiased and seek to help guide you in choosing the best device for you and your family.

1. Best Overall: TickTalk 3

TickTalk is already a well-respected brand name among smartwatch manufacturers. The TickTalk Smartwatch is a phone (it has most if not all qualities of one), which is why it's so appealing to children, and it comes in a wide array of color combos.

  • Runs on an optimized 4G frequency that makes it, according to its' ad, 99% accurate in tracking your child
  • Easy-to-use, very kid-friendly appearance
  • Easy-to-use, comfortable loop strap
  • Allows users to bring their own carriers (useful since you probably already have a mobile provider)
  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • Two-Way-Calling, great for kids too young to have their phones
  • Also, Two-Way-Messaging
  • Also, Two-Way-Video calling
  • IP67 – Water Resistant
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • You can program reminders
  • A Do Not Disturb mode for school
  • Camera
  • SOS-Alerts enabled
  • Battery Life could be better
  • Overheats (after calls, usually);
  • Doesn't have games
  • Pricey
  • Not fully waterproof
TickTalk 3

The main issue with the Tick Talk Smartwatch seems to be the battery life, with many parents complaining it won't last through an entire school day. To be fair, however, most smartwatches have this issue.

Tick Talk does have the benefit of running on 4G and of being based in the US.

They have better Customer Service and technicians working on the network, issues, models, etc.

TickTalk also offer excellent data protection, since they own their storage back-end and are on-call 24/7 to prevent breaches.

Overall, we're quite impressed with Tick Talk, and although pricey, most reviews suggest it's worth the money, so we are recommending this one as a top buy.

2. Best Price: LDB Direct Kids Smartwatch

LDB Smartwatch is a cute and inexpensive alternative to some of the watches on this list. It comes with many great reviews and, indeed, many pro-arguments!

  • Both GPS and LBS location (the LBS activates when the child is indoors or when there's weak signal)
  • SOS Alerts
  • IP67 Water-resistant
  • 2-Way-Calling enabled
  • Easy-to-use for small kids
  • Offers a Class Time feature, so as not to disturb the child in school
  • Games (comes with an educational Math Game)
  • Cute, appealing to kids
  • Relatively inexpensive for a smartwatch
  • 2-Way Messaging
  • Good battery life
  • 2G supported frequency
  • Not waterproof, but rather water-resistant
  • Some inaccuracy when GPS tracking
LDB Direct Kids Smartwatch

The main issue with LDB Smartwatch is that it only has 2G frequency, but then, it's a good thing that it doesn't have a pre-set SIM card because you can go out and buy your own (remember, we mentioned the SpeedTalk one that provides 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage), and that might help a bit with its' poor frequency.

This watch had very few bad reviews, and even those that were there admitted to not having used it for a long enough time to tell, so overall, we think this is a great option if you're working on a tight budget or perhaps buying for more kids.

3. UOTO 4G Kids Smartwatch Phone with Sim Card

UOTO produces cute and high-tech smartwatches that your kid can have a lot of fun with, it seems. Comes in blue and pink.

  • 4G frequency
  • Comes with a free SIM card, though you're also able to bring your own
  • 2-Way-Calling
  • 2-Way Video-Calling
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Both GPS and LBS tracking systems
  • SOS Alerts
  • IP67 Water-resistant
  • Fitness tracker (can count steps and help keep your child fit)
  • Very cute and bright-colored
  • Easy for kids to use
  • Geo-fencing available
  • Can play songs and games
  • Can take pictures
  • Not waterproof
  • Inaccurate location, sometimes
  • Battery life pretty poor
  • Faulty customer service, some say
  • Laggy touchscreen
4G Kids Smartwatch Phone with Sim Card by Uoto

We like that the UOTO Smartwatch supports 4G and seems to be a pretty high-tech device. We also like that it has most of the features we mention in our Buyer's Guide (apart from battery life, which doesn't seem to be great and being water-proof).

UOTO sounds like a reasonably good choice, especially since it can play games, looks appealing, and will feel 'fancy' to your kid.

However, there are some negative reviews about it, which are a bit serious – they mention the tracker being inaccurate several times (as well as the weak battery life), which kind of defeats the purpose.

It's not bad, we recommend UOTO as well, as it has a lot of excellent selling points. But we do think you could find something perhaps cheaper and perhaps better.

4. Best Battery: Kids Smartwatch with GPS by MeritSoar

MeritSoar offers a cute and kid-friendly smartwatch that comes in three colors (pink, blue, and green) and with loads of benefits to make both you and your child happy.

  • SOS Alarm
  • 2-way-calling
  • Geo-fencing possible
  • Includes an educational math game
  • GPS and LBS tracking – really accurate, apparently
  • Pedometer (monitors your child's step count)
  • Can also serve as a flashlight
  • Water-resistant, though not waterproof
  • Camera
  • Can also work as an alarm clock
  • Good battery life
  • Easy-to-use, very kid-friendly display (suitable for kids older as young as 3)
  • No SIM card included
  • Only supports 2G
  • Can't send text messages
  • Can't download more games (might be a bit 'basic' for kids)
  • At times, poor connection (might be due to the low, 2G frequency)
Kids Smartwatch with GPS by MeritSoar

The biggest issue with this watch is the poor frequency, which, as we pointed out earlier, isn't a very good idea, since 2G is on its' way out. So, if you're looking for a watch that will last your kid a good few year, then maybe this one isn't for you.

Other than that, it seems like a strong option for a basic smartwatch. It has all the safety features that might interest parents, is easy to use and has a fun appearance, and, best of all, seems to have a pretty substantial battery, which is quite rare.

5. Kids Smartwatch with GPS Tracker by GreaSmart

This budget-friendly option from GreaSmart offers a blue/pink combo, a smart, but easy-to-use (and very cute) display, along with a bunch of other features.

  • Offers a Do Not Disturb option
  • Double tracking: both GPS and LBS
  • Comes with its' own SIM card
  • SOS Alarm
  • 2-Way-Calling enabled
  • Water Resistant
  • Geo-fencing
  • Comes with a Math game pre-installed (can't download others, though)
  • Camera
  • Recommended as Amazon's Choice
  • Simple display, easy to use
  • Only supports 2G
  • Camera function can only save one picture at a time (when taking a new one, it deletes the old one)
  • GPS tracking somewhat inaccurate
  • Cheap quality, it seems
  • Relatively few reviews
Kids Smartwatch with GPS Tracker by GreaSmart

Despite its' good reviews, this watch doesn't inspire us with great trust. I find it dubious that they don't make it clear whether the product is indeed waterproof or not since it does seem an issue one should be able to consider before buying. Taking this into consideration, along with the poor frequency and other apparent issues, we feel that you could get a better watch for the same amount.

It does have some nice features, though.

Suggestion: They also seem to offer a cheaper model that has much the same features to offer, so maybe think of purchasing that one for a trial run?

6. Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch

The Themoemoe Smartwatch comes in two shades (blue and pink) and is a very attractive option that your kids will love to wear – but is it all you're looking for in a smartwatch?

  • The wristband isn't too easy to get off, so your child won't randomly take it off
  • Good, clear sound when calling
  • IP67 – resistant to water
  • Comes with a game
  • Easy to use for children
  • The dialing function can be locked, to prevent random calls
  • SOS feature
  • Has a night flashlight and a Do Not Disturb mode for school
  • 2-way video calling (and standard calling, of course)
  • Geo-fencing possible
  • Doesn't come with SIM card
  • Water-resistant only
  • Can't track step count
  • Battery could be better
  • Poor location accuracy
  • Only supports 2G
  • Camera is pretty unclear
Smart Watch for Kids by Themoemoe

Overall, it doesn't seem to be any worse than some of the other options on this list. We love that it has all the necessary safety features that allow you to keep an eye on your child.

It's in a decent price range, and its' only issues seem to be the 2G-only coverage and the reportedly poor accuracy of the GPS sometimes (a big problem in a GPS tracker).

The lack of pedometer and the unclear camera only matters if you're looking for a phone-alternative, rather than just a GPS smartwatch.

The one thing that baffles me, however, is that, in its' description, it's referred to as the 'Tick Talk 3', which it obviously is not.

7. Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker by Karaforna

Karaforna's smartwatches come in many different shades (pink, black, blue, green, and even purple, I think). While it does offer a lot of the key safety features in a quality smartwatch, it also comes with a lot of negative reviews.

  • Comes with a Math game
  • Both GPS and LBS tracking
  • Alarm clock
  • SOS Alert
  • 2-way calling enabled
  • Remote monitor – when enabled, parents can hear and see around the child
  • Do not disturb feature
  • Flashlight
  • Camera
  • 10-number phone book
  • Safe area (geo-fencing)
  • IP67 Water-resistant
  • Only supports 2G
  • Doesn't come with its' own SIM card
  • Not waterproof
  • Customer Service seems to be quite bad
  • Poorly written instructions
  • Battery life pretty poor
  • Bad picture quality
  • Can receive calls from not programmed numbers (e.g., telemarketers or strangers)
  • Heats up after some usage
Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker by Karaforna

I think this is the first smartwatch in our review that has about as many cons as it has pros. Given that it's a watch intended for young children, the fact that strangers can call it unsettles me. This should not be possible on a kids' smartwatch, because it exposes them to danger.

I also don't like the poor frequency, the reportedly poor battery life, and all the (many) complaints I've read.

Try as I might, I can't bring myself to like Karaforna's product, so we would not recommend buying.

8.Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch

Jsbaby smartwatch range comes in a variety of bright colors that will appeal to children, but does it rise up to the challenge of accurately tracking your kid?

  • IP67 Water-resistant
  • 2-way-call available (and texting)
  • SOS alert
  • Math game
  • Alarm clock
  • Camera
  • GPS/LBS tracking
  • Looks appealing for children and easy to use
  • Good, durable wristband
  • Good battery life
  • Only 2G coverage
  • Doesn't have Wi-Fi
  • Doesn't seem to have geo-fencing
  • Doesn't have its' own SIM
  • Inaccurate GPS location
  • Cheap packaging
  • Trouble working sometimes
Kids Smartwatch Waterproof with LBS/GPS by Jsbaby

Apart from the limited frequency (2G), it doesn't seem to have any other significant issues. However, it does seem to be of pretty poor quality, judging by both the packaging, the description quality, and the reported Customer Service experiences.

It sounds like a decent clock. Some praise it for its accuracy and ease of use, as well as the relatively good battery life, so it has some pluses. Many even claim it rivals an Apple Watch in its' functioning, which would be a plus, though I think it depends on personal experience.

Would we recommend it? Sure, if you don't mind the 2G frequency, go for it.

9. 4G GPS Smartwatch for kids – OwlCole

OwlCole's Smartwatch for kids is one of the pricier options out there, but it has a cute aesthetic (only comes in pink, though), and it does offer 4G frequency.

  • Supports 4G (as well as 2G and 3G)
  • SOS Alert
  • Durable Battery (650 mAH)
  • Remote Monitoring (allows you to see and hear around your child from afar)
  • GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi tracking
  • Pedometer
  • Flashlight
  • Alarm Clock
  • Camera (can take selfies)
  • Can block strangers' calls
  • Two-way calling& video-calling
  • Math game
  • Stopwatch
  • Do not disturb feature
  • Doesn't include SIM card
  • Doesn't seem to have geo-fencing
  • Only IP65 – resistant to a bit of water, though not a lot
  • Multiple sources complain of air bubbles under screen
  • Bad Customer Service
  • Faulty, foreign manufacturing some say
  • Sound on calls a bit off
  • Unresponsive screen at times
  • Pricey
  • Has a very poor rating on Amazon (2.3/5) and more negative reviews than it has positive
4G GPS Tracker Smart Phone Watch for Kids by Owl Cole

I have to say, I was impressed that it offered 4G coverage (rare, as you can tell), but after reading the overwhelming number of negative reviews, I don't think I can recommend it. A significant issue is the really poor water-resistance rating, which is necessary for a kids' item.

Perhaps things would've been a bit different if the price would've been halved, but as it is, it's unacceptable that it has so many issues, with its' only redeeming quality being the 4G.

You might not get 4G, but you can definitely get a watch that's as good at less than half the price, so no, I don't think OwlCole is worth it.

10. LG - GizmoPal 2 Smartwatch

The Verizon Gizmo smartwatch comes highly recommended and is advertised as a very high-tech smartwatch, but is it?

  • 4g LTE network
  • 2-way-calling
  • Fun to use – makes noises and has a cute display
  • Water-resistant (it comes with an IPx7, which means that it is as water-resistant as an IP67, though not tested against dust – which is what the 6 usually stands for);
  • No longer available on Amazon or the Verizon official website, which is a bit dubious;
  • Quite pricey
  • No SIM card included
  • Really weak battery
  • No games
  • Only supports 4 contacts
  • No texting ability
  • Doesn't work outside of the US
  • Also, it offers really few details about the product itself
  • Bad rating on Amazon (2.2/5)
  • Not actually waterproof
LG Gizmo Pal 2 by Verizon

LG is a well-respected, established brand, which is why, when saw their logo on this, I expected a quality product, but this smartwatch doesn't even qualify as decent. The number of negative reviews far outweighs the few good reviews, and I would advise you not to purchase this, also if you do find it for sale somewhere.

Verizon seems to have discontinued the production of this Gizmo smartwatch, and so it won't work even if you buy it. A costly product from a reputable brand that does nothing but disappoint.

A Buyer's Guide for GPS Smartwatches for Kids

What should I look for when purchasing a GPS smartwatch for my kid?

  1. Geo-fencing

Geo-fencing, as the name suggests, is a geographical parameter that you can set on the smartwatch. It can then be programmed to perform an action (such as to send an alert) if your child steps outside the boundaries you set.

  1. LBS (Location-Based Service)

LBS is the less famous brother of GPS. While GPS locates your device through a GPS receptor placed inside it, LBS tracks a device using its' mobile signal. LBS uses GSM cell towers to locate your child's device.

  1. Range

You'll want to keep in mind that smartwatches that work through Bluetooth (rather than the cellular network) only have a limited range. While they may provide an accurate location nearby (30-50 feet), they don't do much on more considerable distances.

  1. Accuracy

Obviously, it's essential to look for a watch that's as accurate as possible because you don't just want to know the general area where your child is, do you? The more estimation there is, the more room for mistake.

And so, you'll want to look for a GPS device, since GPS is the most accurate locating option. While it also allows for some error, this doesn't usually go to more than 100 ft, whereas the error margin for LBS devices starts at 100 ft and can be much larger. Bluetooth, as mentioned, is only accurate for a limited space range, so GPS would probably be your best option.

  1. SOS Alerts

One of the most important aspects to consider, SOS Alerts are crucial both for your child's safety and for your mental well-being. A device with SOS Alerts allows your child to push/press a button if they are in a stressful or dangerous situation, and the device will send you an alert. Not only that, but it can also be programmed to set out alerts to multiple lines and numbers, such as the Emergency line, and it will keep calling until the call is answered. We would recommend getting a device with SOS Alerts on.

  1. Frequency

Like phones, smartwatches offer various frequencies, from 2G to 4G (and soon enough, 5G). Your best bet would be purchasing a 4G smartwatch because 2G and 3G frequencies are slowly becoming a thing of the past. As more and more 2G and 3G towers are closed down to make way for 5G ones, such devices also become useless.

If you do decide to go with a 2G or a 3G model, we encourage you also to purchase a SpeedTalk Mobile SIM Card. Your smartwatch will need a SIM card to connect to a network, make calls, etc. SpeedTalk supports 2G, 3G, and 4G so that it would be useful for older models. You can check their coverage here.

  1. Battery Life

Obviously, in this case, the bigger, the better. Generally, most smartwatches have a limited battery life, depending on the usage, but you want to look for a device with at least 400-500 mAH. If it's bigger than that, then that's even better.

  1. Water-proof

It's essential to pick a device that is waterproof because, as we know, kids get wet. Be it from rain or splashing about in the bathroom sink, chances are their smartwatch will sustain a fair bit of water, and so, you should look for a device that has a rating of IP67 or higher.

Beware, though, IP67 means "water-resistant", meaning it can sustain some water contact though will at some point break. IP68, however, means actually "waterproof", signifying water won't hurt it, regardless of exposure.

  1. Ease of Use

Depending on your child's age, it will be vital that you buy a device that is easy to use (e.g., has a big, kid-friendly screen, big, visible buttons, etc.). You'll also want to look for one that doesn't have a too-complicated wrist band that children can use easily.

  1. Two-Way Calling

Two-way calling isn't mandatory, a lot of watches don't have such a thing enabled, and this one depends strictly on your preference. If your child is already glued to their smartphone, you might find this a bit redundant, but two-way calling is an available feature for those who want it, and it allows your child to call one among a list of programmed numbers, as well as receive calls from them. It has the added benefit of limiting the number of people who can call the device – keeping your child from interacting with strangers on it.

  1. Games

Another non-mandatory feature, but one that might make the watch more fun for your child. On the other hand, games could also distract them from homework or school and drain the battery life sooner, so decide whether or not gaming is a must for your kid.

  1. Camera

Children don't need a camera on their smartwatch, but children will most likely enjoy having one.

As you can see, the last three points aren't mandatory but will make the device more appealing to your child (and maybe to you, too).

Meta: GPS Smartwatches for kids are an excellent way to track children's location. Our unbiased reviews offer details and pros and cons to help choose the best smartwatch for your kid.