The Best Sprint Smartwatches for Kids: WatchMeGo & Other Alternatives

By Oktay Ozadam

Sprint Smartwatches for Kids

The Best Sprint Smartwatches for Kids: WatchMeGo & Other Alternatives

If you're in the market for a smartwatch for your child, it's normal to want to pair it to your carrier, so you might be wondering: what are some Sprint smartwatches for kids?

Sprint is a popular carrier across the United States, and luckily for you, they support a few excellent smartwatches that should work well for your child.

In this article, I'll be running you through them, as well as some alternatives.

Comparison of Sprint Kid Phone Watches
Product Kid-Friendly Games Water Resistance 2-Way Call GPS Tracking Messaging Geo-Fencing Battery Life
WatchMeGo Yes Yes IP67 No Yes Yes Yes Good
Tracker + Yes No IP67 No Yes No Yes Good
Apple Watch 3&5 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Good
Samsung Galaxy Active 2 No Yes IP68 Yes Yes Yes No Good

The above table includes both Sprint watches for kids, specifically, as well as Sprint smartwatches, in general, which may be used for older children or teens.

Your Best Sprint Options

As far as I can tell, there are only two major Sprint options that are truly designed for children, the WatchMeGo smartwatch, and the Safe&Found Tracker.


WatchMeGo Kids's Watch - Sprint Carrier

WatchMeGo is the only smartwatch designed for children that Sprint carriers support at the time of this writing. It is a fully-functional smart device intended for children ages 4 and 12.

It's not overly childish in appearance, which is great news if you want to buy it for an older child.

Most importantly, it allows you, the parent, to accurately track your child's movements when they're away from you. The WatchMeGo device also allows you to set up a Geofencing function.

A Geofencing function is when you can set a specific area limit, and if your child leaves that area, the device immediately notifies you. As far as GPS tracker watches for kids go, the WatchMeGo is a great option, I'd say.

The tracking itself seems to be reliable, and what I like this Sprint kid's phone watch is that it also offers an SOS Alert function. This means that your child only needs to press the SOS button, if in trouble, and an alarm will be sent to an emergency contact.

The device allows you to be in constant contact with your child, through voice and text messaging, although it doesn't support actual calls, at least not yet. It's also great for smaller children, who aren't ready for a full-blown phone, as it doesn't expose them to contact with strangers or unlimited Internet access.

The WatchMeGo is a device that allows you, the parent, full control over what your child interacts with it. It's just techy enough for a child to feel responsible and grown-up, and just easy enough for small children to use it without trouble.

This Sprint GPS watch also comes with a Kidomi app, which lets kids play games, and access entertaining content, making it ideal for smaller kids.

It costs $144 full price, or just $6/month for 2 years. The watch can also be used with an average $10 plan with Sprint.

Tracker + Safe & Found

Tracker + Safe & Found - Sprint

As the name suggests, the Sprint tracker is not a smartwatch per se, but rather a more basic tracking device. It doesn't have most of the entertainment or features of the WatchMeGo watch, but it will allow you to monitor your child's movements.

Really, it depends on what you're looking for here. If you want a mock-phone to satisfy your child's desire for a smart device (and keep them safe), I'd recommend the WatchMeGo. If you're only interested in tracking, then the Tracker Safe&Found is a much cheaper option.

It connects to Sprint's 4G LTE network and a unique app on your phone. It allows you to monitor where your child is (as well as their location history) and enable the kid to check-in at various locations, to let you know where they are. It also has geofencing enabled.

Other than that, it's very basic. It doesn't have games, entertainment, or any extra features the WatchMeGo does.

It's considerably cheaper though, with a $60 retail price, or a $2.50/month plan, over two years. Aside from that, you will also need a $5 Sprint plan to connect to LTE.

Sprint Options for Older Children

Sprint also offers some smart watches designed for adults, that could work well for older children or adolescents, who need more independence and more features. Some Spring-supported options are the Apple Watch Series 3 and 5, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

All of these watches have a heavy focus on fitness, which is a great way to motivate your child to work out. They come with built-in step counters, sports monitoring, as well as heart rate, and health info.

They also allow your child to message, call, and keep track of their social media and play games and listen to music.

From a parent's perspective, it gives you less control over what your child does. You won't be able to easily track them, or set up geofencing since these watches are designed for independent adults.

However, considering an older child's need for independence, they are great options. The Apple Watch 3 costs $300, the Apple Watch 5 starts at $499 but can go up to much higher. And the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 costs a full retail price of $430.

They can all be used with the $10/month Sprint plan.

Your Non-Sprint-Friendly Options

The Verizon GizmoWatch

The Verizon GizmoWatch is a popular, handy smart device for children that operates with a Verizon carrier, not a Sprint one. When compared to the WatchMeGo, it's more goal-oriented, in that it lets you program goals and tasks for your child.

It also doesn't have a geofencing feature and is a bit pricier at $180, but overall a great option.

The T-Mobile FamilyConnect

The FamilyConnect is another excellent option, with two-way calling, messaging, geofencing, and GPS tracking. It does pretty much everything that the WatchMeGo does but on a different carrier. The good news is, T-Mobile and Sprint have announced they are combining forces in building the ultimate 5G network so that support might become available for the FamilyConnect in the near future.

As far as price goes, it's just a tad pricier ($168), or can be purchased in monthly installments of $7.

The TickTalk3

The Tick Talk watch phone is an innovative, modern device, with anything a child might want. It's also great for tracking, monitoring your child's location history, and contacting them through FaceTime or two-way calling.

Since Sprint and Verizon are on a CMDA network, they are not supported by TickTalk3. Instead, the company recommends using a Red Pocket $10 plan with your TickTalk3 device.

Warning: Look out for Wrong Information!

In researching this, I've seen many children's devices advertised (either by users or reviewers) as supporting Sprint. Some of these kids' watches include MeritSoar Kids Smart Watch, Beaulyn Smart Watch, Bowjet GPS Waterproof Kids Smart Watch, and Yenisey Kids Smart Watch for Boys.

Make sure you check the specifications and remember that Sprint is a 3G CMDA network, and most of these watches are 2G. So you need to make sure they're truly compatible before you buy.

The Sprint Watches Q&A

Does Sprint support Gizmo Watch for kids?

No, Sprint does not support the GizmoWatch. It offers the WatchMeGo instead.

Does Sprint also have a kid phone?

Yes, Sprint has the smart WeGo phone for children, as of 2014. Alternatively, their WatchMeGo can be used as a replacement for an actual phone.

Does Sprint have a parental control app?

Yes, it does. Through Sprint Parental Controls, you can monitor your child's activity and restrict their access to certain materials.

Verdict: Which do we recommend, and why?

If you're looking for a Sprint-supported smart device to track your kid's location and keep you in contact with them, I'd say the WatchMeGo is the way to go.

WatchMeGo has all the features a small child would enjoy, and ensures the safety and has a good reputation among clients.

I'd also recommend the Tracker + Safe & Found for a more basic device, with the sole purpose of tracking your child's movements.