Perfect Sleep Pad Review – Can You Get a Colder Night’s Sleep?

By Oktay Ozadam

Perfect Sleep Pad

How well do you sleep at night? If you wake up sweating or suffering from heat flashes, you may be in the market for bed cooling devices. The Perfect Sleep Pad is a water-cooled mattress topper that regulates the surface temperature of your mattress while you sleep. The product promises a better night's sleep for a variety of users. Keep reading to learn more about the Perfect Sleep Pad and its many features.

What is included with the Perfect Sleep Pad?

The Perfect Sleep Pad is a complete heating and cooling bed pad system. The system includes a single zone sleep pad, a remote control, and all of the equipment you need to get set up. The tubes and control unit help regulate the temperature using water. Also, the Perfect Sleep Pad is available in all sizes from a single to a king. Replacement parts, such as mattress pads or tubes, can be purchased separately as needed.

The Perfect Sleep Pad Design

The Perfect Sleep Pad has a relatively compact design. The mattress pad will fit appropriately over whichever sized mattress you select. The controller measures 9" x 9" x 5" and can easily fit in any room. The mattress topper requires up to 150 watts per control and an average of 80 watts in most situations.

The product is solid white, which can work with most décor. However, it will also be more prone to collecting dirt and dust. The water tubes are made of soft coils that are extremely flexible. They can easily conform to any setup, but the cords may be too short for taller beds. If you have an elevated mattress, you may need to purchase extra-long tubes.

Care for the Perfect Sleep Pad

This product is machine washable, which makes it easy to care for. Unlike electric blankets that use electronics and wires that cannot go in the washing machine, the Perfect Sleep Pad is waterproof.

How do You Set up the Perfect Sleep Pad?

Setting up the Perfect Sleep Pad is fairly simple. The instructions to set up the tubes and control unit are easy to follow, and you can have your sleep pad up and running in less than an hour. Once you plug the unit, you just need to add water to start using the heating and cooling features.

The Perfect Sleep Pad is compatible with adjustable mattresses, and you can use it underneath your existing mattress pad.

You can also use this product with a Tempur-Pedic mattress or memory foam mattress. The pad is a single-zone system, which means it heats or cools to one specific temperature.

If you and your partner want to sleep at different temperatures, you can purchase two single sleep pads and use them separately. While this process is more complicated than using a dual-zone cooling mattress pad, it is still possible to achieve the same effect.

How do You Use the Perfect Sleep Pad?

Once you set up the Perfect Sleep Pad, you can set the temperature anywhere from 46 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. The Perfect Sleep Pad uses microtubes to circulate water through the mattress pad throughout the night. The circulating water regulates the surface temperature of the mattress pad.

When you activate the closed-loop, water-based system, the control unit will regulate the temperature based on the selection you make on the remote control. The blue indicator light on the unit will let you know that the machine is up and running. Some have found that the light is too bright in a dark room, but there are ways to cover the light, so it is less obtrusive.

Is the Perfect Sleep Pad Comfortable?

The Perfect Sleep Pad was designed to provide users with a more comfortable night's sleep. The science behind the mattress pad is that people sleep better at cooler body temperatures. By alleviating hot flashes, night sweats, and uncomfortable temperatures, the Perfect Sleep Pad promises the opportunity for better quality and deep sleep.

The mattress pad can be used on top of or underneath your current mattress topper. If you prefer a memory foam mattress pad, you can still use your preferred option with the Perfect Sleep Pad.

However, keep in mind that the temperature differences may not be as noticeable when the mattress pad is underneath a thick mattress topper.

One of the better features of this product is its compatibility with a variety of mattress types. The Perfect Sleep Pad is made of heat-activated visco-elastic foam. This means that it can stretch with your current mattress while still providing support and comfort. The heating and cooling functionality are built into the mattress pad, but it also has a layer of memory foam to provide more comfort while you sleep.

Who is the Perfect Sleep Pad Designed for?

The Perfect Sleep Pad is designed for people who have a difficult time sleeping through the night. Those who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep can benefit from sleeping in a cooler environment.

Everyone from top-performing athletes to everyday user may find that they sleep better with a temperature-controlled mattress pad that changes the surface temperature of their bed.

The makers of the Perfect Sleep Pad highlight a few types of people specifically who may benefit from this product. While the impact of the mattress pad on sleep will differ from person to person, the effects of sleeping at a cooler body temperature have been found to improve deep sleep for some people. The specific groups who might benefit from the Perfect Sleep Pad the most include:

  • Athletes who train consistently
  • Those who suffer from joint pain
  • Those who get hot flashes in the night
  • Those who get chills at night
  • People trying to lose weight
  • Alzheimer's patients
  • People with diabetes
  • Those who need anxiety relief

How does the Cooling and Heating Feature Work?

The heating and cooling features of the Perfect Sleep Pad work with a water circulating mattress pad. The water moves through the mattress pad and is regulated by the control unit, which adjusts the temperature. It may take a while for the water to heat up or cool down, but once it has reached your set temperature, it can maintain that surface temperature all night.

There are some complaints about the noise level of the Perfect Sleep Pad. The unit functions at about the same noise level as the fan on your desktop computer. However, the noise lasts for as long as the unit is on. If you are using the heating or cooling feature all night, there will be a consistent noise the entire time.

How Often do You Need to Change the Water?

Users of the Perfect Sleep Pad report filling up the water in the unit every three or four days. This is typically the time-frame for topping off the water, instead of filling it up completely.


If you purchase the Perfect Sleep Pad directly from the manufacturer, you can receive a Limited Express Warranty. The warranty covers defects in the materials or quality of the product that occur under normal use. The warranty will not cover damages from misuse, vandalism, or improper maintenance. The warranty lasts for two years from the purchase date, and the mattress pad and tubes are under warranty for only 90 days.

What are My Other Options?

An alternative option for the Perfect Sleep Pad is the cooling mattress pad from Chili. The CUBE Sleep System is very similar to the Perfect Sleep Pad in many ways. They both feature water circulating technology to regulate the surface temperature of your mattress. They are also both similar in size, color, and operation.

However, the CUBE seems to be better at maintaining a consistent cool sleep temperature throughout the night. The CUBE may make more noise than the Perfect Sleep Pad, but it features larger tubes that can cycle more water through the mattress pad.

You will have to set the Perfect Sleep Pad at a lower temperature to reach the same effect as the CUBE. Some users have reported that the Perfect Sleep Pad has a harder time maintaining the surface temperature across the entire mattress pad, with gaps in temperature regulation in the center of the mattress pad.

Final Words

While the Perfect Sleep Pad is a good option for a water-based mattress with cooling and heating features, it may not be the best system on the market. For a single user, the price of the Perfect Sleep Pad is higher than the CUBE, and the two products work mostly the same. There are many benefits of the Perfect Sleep Pad, but there are also some concerning features and reviews.

The Perfect Sleep Pad features a wider temperature range than many other products on the market. Unfortunately, achieving a precise temperature is not a guarantee. Users may find that the temperature is not even across the mattress. If you are looking for a top of the line water-activated mattress pad, the Ooler Sleep System from Chili is a great option to look into. The system is more advanced than both the Perfect Sleep Pad and the CUBE, making it a viable alternative.