GPS Tracking Jewelry for Kids – What You Need to Know

By Oktay Ozadam

GPS Tracking Jewelry For Kids

Ever wondered about a GPS tracking device or some sort of jewelry to keep track of your kids when they're out of your sight?

Living in an increasingly dangerous world, many parents turn to the advancements of modern technology to suit up their children with some sort of GPS device that is:

  • easy to wear
  • won't get lost easily
  • and can provide accurate details about their child's location.

In the search for the perfect device, many parents turn to GPS smartwatches for kids, but unfortunately, that's not an option for everyone.

What is GPS Tracking Jewelry for Kids?

As the name suggests, this smart jewelry is a pendant or charm of some sort that can either be used as a bracelet, ring, or necklace and allows you to track your child through GPS.

Some pieces of tracking jewelry also come with a special Alarm button that the wearer can press in case of an emergency, and the device will send out an alert either to the parent, Emergency 911 Services, or both.

In this article, we're looking at some of the best options for parents who want to keep their child safe but do not prefer a smartwatch for various reasons.

At What Age Should I Consider A GPS Tracker for My Child?

Although there isn't a specific rule about when you can begin tracking your children, you should avoid putting any wearable GPS tracking jewelry or watch on them if they are still small (0-5 years old).

It's essential that once you get them such a device, they are past the age of playing with it and maybe casting it away. Most parents begin considering a GPS tracker for their child once they are old enough to go to school (5-6 years old).

Usually, the older a child is, the less trouble you'll have with them wearing some sort of GPS device because they will understand it's for their own safety.

That Being Said, Is It Okay to Track My Teenager?

This is a trickier issue. As kids grow older, they will begin objecting to you tracking them. It is usual for the child to wish to protect their own privacy, just as it is normal for you to worry about them.

While you don't have to, it would be a good idea to get your child's consent for tracking them if they are in their teens (e.g., above 13-14 years old).

AT&T GPS Smart Watches for Kids
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If you are an AT&T customer, learn more about the smart watches AT&T offers for your kid.

What Are My Options for A Jewelry With A Tracking Device?

Unfortunately, the field of child tracking jewelry is instead a limited one at the moment.

The wearables below are not precisely tracking devices (we will talk more about this in a bit) and are designed for wearers of all ages, rather than just kids.

Your best bet at the moment would be an Invisiawear personal safety device, as they are one of the few brands specializing in such devices and have a good reputation.

There used to be another tech brand, Cuff, who wanted to create a line of smart devices that could send alerts in case of emergencies, but unfortunately, it shut down.

Invisiawear Smart Jewelry – Gold Necklace

As we mentioned earlier, the Invisiawear jewelry line is not exactly a line of GPS trackers. They do not allow you, as a parent, to actively monitor your child throughout the day.

What they will do, however, is allow you to set up a group of emergency contacts (up to five) and will notify them in case the wearer is ever in an emergency. The Invisiawear products also allow you to set up a 911 emergency call to go out at the same time.

How this works:

After you purchase the necklace, you will need to install a free app on your phone. Through the app, you will be able to set the five emergency contacts (with or without the 911 contact). From there on, the contacts will be in the necklace's memory.

Now, in case your child ever gets in an emergency or is hurt in some way, all they have to do is press the back of the necklace twice. The device will automatically send their GPS coordinates to the five emergency contacts and 911 if you selected it.

Although we talk about the Invisiawear necklace here, bear in mind they also offer smart GPS keychains and bracelets. Also, bear in mind that the Invisiawear jewelry is not designed with kids in mind. Some items may be a bit big for your child.

Mini A9 GPS Tracker Necklace

This necklace is closer to a GPS tracker, as it claims to allow you to track your child through an app and activate geo-fencing (when your child leaves a pre-set area, the device will send an alarm). It also has an SOS button for the wearer to press in case of an emergency.

While this little blue pendant seems very promising, also enabling two-way call functions and supporting a long-lasting battery, the reviews are very poor.

From what we can tell, this necklace purposes of working pretty much like a GPS smartwatch, but if you want a device that tracks your child, enables calls and geo-fencing, then you're better off just getting a watch.

Bottom Line – What's a Concerned Parent to Do?

We understand your worries and your desire to protect your child. We would heartily recommend the Invisiawear products, as they are pretty, comfortable to wear and keep with you.

However, we'd probably recommend purchasing Invisiawear for an older child who understands how to activate the device in case of an emergency.

For tracking smaller children, however, we think a GPS smartwatch or tracking device would be a much better option. These offer a wide variety of benefits aside from accurate GPS positioning. They are both fun and explicitly designed for kids (as opposed to the Invisiawear merchandise), and some are very accessible as far as price is concerned.

But perhaps the main benefit of a smartwatch is that it is harder to take off than, say, a necklace. This is particularly important if your child is wont to fidget with things.

We have a whole article detailing the best GPS smartwatch choices for your child, so feel free to check that out as well.