AT&T Smartwatch for Kids - Alternatives to Track Your Child

By Oktay Ozadam

AT&T GPS Smart Watches for Kids

If you're in the market for a GPS smartwatch for kids, you're bound to have wondered – what's AT&T's take on this? Are they offering something?

It only stands to reason that if you are going to get your child a smart device, you should stay with the company you've been with for so long, and AT&T is among the most popular choices in America.

Do AT&T Offer A Smartwatch for Kids?

Unfortunately, AT&T does not offer any supported smartwatches for children, nor does it seem likely that they will offer one in the near future. At one point, they offered FiLIP 2, which was the only watch phone for kids of its kind, but unfortunately, it got discontinued.

So, If I can't Get an AT&T Kid Cell Phone Watch, What Can I Get?

There are several options available for you, even though none is the ideal kid wearable you were looking for. In this article, we'll be looking at some of the best options for parents who want a GPS smartwatch to ensure their child's safety.

Before you sift through the options, we encourage you to set some goals for your search. What do you want your child's wearable smartphone to include?

Some parents focus on GPS and tracking, while others opt for a more entertaining gadget, such as a kids' watch with a camera, games, and other things to keep your little one entertained.

Once you've got a clear picture of your must-have features, feel free to browse through the options below.

AT&T GPS Watches

While there is no AT&T GPS kids watch, the company does support a variety of options that can work as a child's wearable. These smartwatches are intended for adults, but they can be purchased for a (perhaps older) child, and still offer the main features a parent wants, such as:

  • GPS Tracking – Both Apple and Samsung allow you to connect the smartwatch to it and track it in real-time;
  • Location History – You'll be able to see where your child has been, as the device stores a location history of up to 7 days;
  • Calling and messaging – You can contact your child always when they are wearing the watch;
  • Parental Controls – Through the app, you will be able to limit certain features on your child's device, such as Internet time.

So what are our options?

Apple Watch 3

The pros: For Apple users, this one seems to be the most popular option. It has a beautiful design, and comes with a nifty Water Lock function, allowing your child to wear it in the shower.

It will alert them if they get an e-mail or message, and will allow you to be in constant contact with them. It will also allow your child to count their steps and track their health, so it's great to motivate them to work out a bit more.

As far as pricing goes, the 38mm watch (which is the smallest available, at present) comes with a monthly installment plan of $10, or pay the full $299 retail price.

It comes with in-built 4G LTE support and is compatible with many carriers besides AT&T, such as Appalachian, C Spire, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon Wireless, among others.

The cons: The only downside seems to be a poor battery life.

Apple Watch Series 5

The pros: The Apple Watch 5 is a cut above the older 3. It offers mostly the same options, but is reportedly faster, and is great for tracking steps and workouts. The pricing plans start at $16.67 per month for the 40 mm one.

Like the Apple Watch 3, it supports a wide array of American carriers besides AT&T and comes with a built-in 4G LTE network.

The cons: Once again, battery life seems to be rather weak, although opinions seem to be mixed on this one, with some saying it's improved from the Apple Watch 3.

Another issue we found was that it was a bit small, but that complaint came mostly from adult males, so that shouldn't be a problem for your child.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The pros: Although a bit older, it's a valuable fitness tracker that can connect with your Samsung phone. The monthly installment is set at $10, and the phone supports LTE and 4G networks. Besides AT&T, it supports Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

The cons: Several people had trouble with maintaining the connection with their phone. The battery life seems to be pretty bad on this one as well.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The pros: This one seems great for kids, as it's a good fit for small wrists. It connects easily with headphones and allows your child to speak to you smoothly through the call function. The pricing starts at $14.34 a month for the 40mm one. Like above, it supports LTE and 4G, and beside the carriers mentioned above, it also supports USC.

The cons: Several people had trouble syncing it, and so alerts, phone calls, and other features were, at times, faulty.

Other Smartwatch Options for Kids

While the above are all great phone watches, they are designed for adults, so they might not fit or be entertaining enough for a child. Below, we look at some other GPS smartwatch options for children that are not directly supported by AT&T.

Verizon LG Gizmo Watch

The pros: The Verizon Gizmo is a big parent-favorite, as it runs well, and allows you to limit the contacts and features so that your child is safe from strangers or unsavory content. It will enable you to call your child, and the call quality is excellent by all accounts.

It lets you track their location and has a geofencing feature for a 700' radius. It has excellent 4G LTE coverage and has an appealing design.

The connecting app can be supported by an AT&T phone, so you can pair that with the watch (for which you will need a $10/month Verizon plan, which is the same price you'd pay at AT&T).

The cons: Some users had trouble with the adjustable strap (it broke easily), and for some, the watch kept disconnecting.

Verizon Smart Watches For Kids
Further Reading
If you are already on a Verizon plan, you might want to check out Verizon phone watches for kids.

Tick Talk 3

The pros: The Tick Talk 3 is another big parent favorite, as it has a bunch of entertaining features. It allows you to track your child and get their location history accurately.

It also supports FaceTime and 2-way calling so that you can continuously be in contact with them. It is water-resistant and comes with a Do Not Disturb function for school.

It supports 4G and LTE (as well as the older 2G and 3G networks). Although the manufacturer recommends a Red Pocket $10 plan, you can also draw a regular phone plan to your AT&T carrier, which will cost you around $25-$35 a month.

The cons: The battery life drains rather quickly, and the device tends to overheat if it's used for an extended period of time.

MyFirst Fone S2

The pros: This cute, colorful device works great as a first smart device for your child. It allows 2-way calling and tracks them through an accurate GPS function. It also has an adjustable SOS function, if your child is ever in trouble.

The cons: While it does seem to support AT&T connectivity, the network only goes up to 3G, which AT&T is planning to drop in 2022, so your watch will no longer be functional with AT&T after that.


Although the AT&T watches discussed earlier are great, they're not really for kids, so we can only really recommend the TickTalk 3 and the Verizon Gizmo as worthwhile options for your child.

AT&T Kids Smart Watch Alternatives
Features Verizon GizmoWatch TickTalk 3
Camera No Yes
GPS Tracking Yes Yes
2 Way Calling Yes Yes
FaceTime No Yes
GeoFencing No No
Games No No
SOS Alert No Yes
Network 4G/LTE 4G/LTE
AT&T Connectivity No, need a Verizon Plan Yes, get a regular AT&T phone plan (costs $25 - $35 per month) or choose a monthly Red Pocket plan which works with AT&T (costs $10 per month)
Cost Check Price Check Price

While they are both excellent options with similar pricing, the TickTalk3 seems to offer a few more features, but the decision really depends on what you want your child's smart device to do.