chiliBLANKET Review – The Perfect Cooling Weighted Blanket, Missing Just One Thing

By Oktay Ozadam

A hectic sleep can really disrupt the flow of your day, which is exactly what the latest chiliBLANKET is trying to avoid.

Weighted blankets are relatively new, though rapidly growing sleeping trend and must-have, especially for restless sleepers.

So, if you're having trouble falling (or staying) asleep, then read on, for this might just be the product for you.

With rave reviews, we set out to discover whether or not this new and improved cooling and heating blanket can truly make your nights more restful.

First of All, What Is a Weighted Blanket? And Why Should I Get One?

As the name suggests, weighted blankets are your average blankie, except much heavier.

Weighted blankets typically weigh at least 15 pounds and contain some sort of material (often plastic pellets) to weigh them down.

But that's crazy, I hear you shout. Who wants to feel weighed down in their sleep?

As a restless sleeper, I had the exact same thought, but it turns out weighted blankets have a lot of benefits:

  • Basically, a weighted blanket is a hug. It simulates the impression of being held by someone, which in turn increases your comfort and happiness;
  • It makes you feel safe. Just like a hug, the even weight distribution of the weighted blanket makes you feel that there's someone there who has your back and is protecting you. This can lead to fewer nightmares and a night of more restful sleep;
  • A weighted blanket can help keep you warm and level out your body temperature.

So, What Exactly Is the chiliBLANKET? And How Is It Different from Other Blankets?

The chiliBLANKET can be summed up in one word – balance. Whereas other weighted blankets focus on providing warmth, the people over at Chili Technology understand that this is not for everyone. (especially if you are a hot sleeper)

It's all nice to feel the warmth while you sleep and feel like you're being held, but too much heat can actually disrupt your rest. The body is programmed to wake up if you're getting too hot, which, as you can imagine, doesn't allow for perfect sleep.

The chiliBLANKET seeks to correct that by also introducing a cooling feature that can balance out your body's temperature while you sleep.

Unique Design

The chiliBLANKET is hydro-powered (that means water runs through a tube-system inside the blanket), which makes for an extra restful sleeping experience.

On the inside, it's primarily made out of glass pellets (more relaxing and eco-friendlier) and a little polyester fiber.

The outside is 100% polyester fiber, which gives it a soft, luxurious feel. The exterior is also easily removed and washable (because we want to be comfy and clean!).

Indeed, the only downside in design seems to be that it only comes in one color (gray), which might look a little bland for some.

So, How Does It Feel?

Well, this depends on you. While for some, it can be too heavy, for others, it can be just right.

Customers seem to enjoy overall the pleasant, intimate feeling of protection created by this throw blanket.

Like you're hidden away inside a cave and can truly, finally relax.

It's comfortable, provided that you find heavy blankets comforting. We won't tell you it's great for everyone, because that's simply not the case (for any product).

But… How Does It Work?

Still, feeling a bit fuzzy on the details? You're not alone.

The Chili Technology Blanket works a little bit like a TV. That is, it needs a remote to turn on. This remote comes complete with a temperature controller that sits by your bed (called a CUBE control unit). This dictates the blanket's temperature and is controlled through the remote that you can take with you anywhere you go.

You can manage the water temperature without getting out of bed – which would damage the whole sleeping experience, huh?

I'm a Hot Sleeper – Is the chiliBLANKET For Me?

Yes, the chiliBLANKET is for hot sleepers, as well as for everyone else.


Because the chiliBLANKET can go from 55 F to 115 F (13-46 C), so it's quite a versatile blanket, in terms of temperature. Through this, it's able to adjust to your own specific needs.

The blanket also has a unique cooling feature, which allows you to keep warm enough during sleep(or rest), without becoming overly-stuffy.

It's not designed to hinder hot sleepers, but to help their bodies find the optimal temperature.

But Surely, It Must Have a Downside…

It hugs you, protects you, helps you feel all warm and cuddly, and comforts you if you tend to get too cold or too warm during the night. Is there anything this blanket can't do?

Well, as a matter of fact, there is. While we do not doubt that the chiliBLANKET is a great product, as far as weighted blankets go, a pretty big downside is that it does not have different weight options.

We love a comforting weighted blanket, but no one wants to feel crushed or trapped in any way while they sleep. The chiliBLANKET only comes in a one weight fits all version: the 20 lb (9 kg) option.

The inside of the blanket is 15 lbs, the blanket as a whole is 20 lbs without water and 20.5 lbs with water, so quite a blanket, as I'm sure you'll agree.

Many customers found this an excellent weight to sleep under, claiming that it gets the job done (e.g., comforts them) without feeling too heavy or oppressive.

Now, don't get us wrong, the heavyweight can even be a good thing, especially for restless sleepers or for people who tend to move a lot in their sleep. According to the Sleep Foundation, people with restless legs syndrome or Periodic Limb Movement Disorder can wake up still feeling tired and experience drowsiness during the day, or insomnia.

In other words, a weighted blanket might be beneficial to your rest by holding you down and preventing you from waking during the night.

However, we do wish the chiliBLANKET came with more weight options, as that would cater to a wider audience.

While there's no actual weight rule for these kinds of blankets, it seems a generally accepted idea that a weighted blanket should be about a tenth of your overall body weight (give or take a couple of pounds). So, a 20 lbs blanket might be great for a 180-pound individual (80 kg), but it would not be appropriate for someone smaller, like a child.

Indeed, a 100-pound child might feel stifled underneath such a weight, as might a woman, say, with a light frame.

But, given that the chiliBLANKET is a reasonably new product, we're pretty confident that Chili Technology will expand its options in the near future.

We'd also love it if it came in multiple colors, but that's something we're willing to forego for the sake of a good night's sleep.

What do Customers Say About It?

The chiliBLANKET has pretty impressive reviews so far, several customers referring to it as a life-saver and crediting Chili Technology with aiding and comforting their sleep.

Their products help you enter deep sleep and truly get decent rest, provide relief when suffering from hot flashes or night sweats, and improve overall performance in day-to-day activities.

Q & A

Here, we try to imagine all the possible questions you might have about this product and provide you with in-depth answers.

Is the Weight Of The chiliBLANKET Alright for My Body?

It might be. As mentioned earlier, the 20 lbs weight can feel too heavy for some users. But if you're generally the sort of person who likes feeling tucked in and weighed down as they sleep, then this might be just the thing for you.

If you weigh anywhere from 160 to 200 lbs, then this blanket shouldn't be too oppressive. If you weigh significantly less (or more) or are looking to purchase a weighted blanket for a child, then we suggest either looking somewhere else or waiting for Chili to expand their line of products.

Can I Wash the chiliBLANKET?

Yes, you can wash the chiliBLANKET. The outside layer can easily be detached and is safe to put in the washing machine. The inside of the blanket can also be spot-cleaned.

What Is the Difference Between CUBE Sleep System And chiliBLANKET?

Before the chiliBLANKET, there came the CUBE Sleeping System(previously known as ChiliPAD). While CUBE and OOLER sleep system are designed to cool (or heat) your bed, the chiliBLANKET is a throw blanket that keeps you cold or warm.

They both serve to regulate your temperature. CUBE is a mattress pad that heats (or cools) you from underneath, while chiliBLANKET is a weighted blanket for hot sleepers.

It has most of the same benefits and can be used in tandem with the chiliBLANKET, though you will need two different control units, one for each product. Since they don't offer a splitting, powering both through the same unit is practically impossible.

Which Control Unit Do I Need for The chiliBLANKET?

Chili Technology offers two different control units, their initial CUBE control unit, as well as the more advanced OOLER Sleep System.

The chiliBLANKET can be used with both control units.

It is available for purchase together with the CUBE, but not the OOLER.

They work fine together. You'll just have to buy the OOLER unit and chiliBLANKET separately.

While they are both excellent products, the OOLER does have some benefits. As opposed to the pioneering CUBE, it can be controlled directly from an app on your phone. Its' smaller design means it's easier to fit under the bed, and it offers a noiseless variant for all of you white sleepers out there.

Best of all, OOLER offers a unique wake-up method. Instead of putting up with a noisy alarm call, it eases you into wakefulness by gradually warming up the blanket and causing your body to wake on its' own.

Don't get us wrong, we love both options. We're just saying that if you can spare it, the extra buck you pay for the OOLER unit is worth it.

How Cool Can the chiliBLANKET Get?

The blanket can become as cold as 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius), which is pretty cold by anyone's standards.

However, its' cooling power (as well as its' heating power, actually) varies a lot, depending on other factors, such as the weight of the customer, the ambiance, etc.

If you are, for example, on the heavier side and tend to be quite a warm person/sweat heavily, then the blanket might have a harder time cooling you down.

That is to say, the blanket can work wonderfully for people outside its' targeted weight range, just that it might require a bit more patience to have the desired effect.

When should I Turn It On?

You might be thinking of just turning it on when you get yourself into bed, or directly before you go to sleep.

But for optimal results, it's recommended that you turn it on about 30 minutes (maybe an hour) before you go to bed to allow it a bit of time to heat up or cool down to the desired temperature.

The blanket does not take that long to cool or heat, but the wait might prove disruptive to your sleeping schedule. You might fuss, toss and turn for a bit, which would only wake you up.

This is why it's best to give it some time to achieve the right temperature before you get into bed.

Can the Weighted Blanket Also Double as a Pad?

It can, though it wouldn't be ideal. See, the chiliBLANKET has a lighter design than the pad, and as such, it would not provide the same comfort and wouldn't achieve optimal effect.

You can purchase both the pad and the blanket, but remember, you will need a separate control unit for each.

How to Buy chiliBLANKET

chiliBLANKET Buying Options
Product Price Note Review
only chiliBLANKET $299 If you already have either CUBE or OOLER, and will not use both simultaneously. Review These Options
chiliBLANKET + CUBE Control Unit $499 Sold as a bundle. A single CUBE control unit costs $399. You save $100 if you purchase through this option. Review This Option
chiliBLANKET + OOLER Control Unit $798 Unfortunately there is no bundle sale for this combination. You have to buy both separately, and you pay $299 for chiliBLANKET and $499 for OOLER unit. Review OOLER Unit

Our Thoughts

Overall, we love what the chiliBLANKET can do for you. Despite the one-weight option, we highly recommend it for anyone, particularly for folks who have trouble falling or staying asleep.

We feel that a good night's sleep is vital in the way you interact with others and function throughout the day, which is why we think the chiliBLANKET would be a wise choice.

However, if you end up purchasing it and are not, for whatever reason, happy with it, Chili Technology offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. This is a more than fair policy since it allows you ample time to test out the product.

We hope our Chili Blanket review has helped you decide whether or not you wish to give chiliBLANKET a try, and we hope to see you around again real soon!

The chiliBLANKET – A Short Recap

After doing our research, studying both the product itself, as well as what people have to say about it, we compiled a shortlist of pros and cons to help you decide whether this is the best option for you.

  • Has a unique cooling effect, thanks, in part, to the water-powered design;
  • The weight is perfectly distributed thanks to the glass pellets interior;
  • Can be controlled from bed;
  • Can wake you up without the cumbersome noises of an alarm call;
  • Can soothe nightmares and night-time restlessness;
  • Proven effective in helping with anxiety and insomnia.
  • Only has one weight option – might prove too heavy for some or take time heating/cooling for people of different weights;
  • Only has one color;
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