Brookstone Bed Fan Review: Is It the Perfect Solution for Hot Sleepers?

By Oktay Ozadam

Brookstone Bed Fan

The Brookstone Bed Fan seeks to offer you added comfort in a simple, user-friendly design.

It can be exhausting finding a comfortable medium when it comes to sleep temperature. Worse still, a sleeping partner with a vastly different temperature preference can seem like an impossible problem.

The Brookstone Bed Fan claims to have an answer- but does it deliver?

Highly Customizable Experience Offering Easy Set Up

The first thing I noticed about the Brookstone Bed Fan was the wide variety of customization options offered by its design. With multiple height and airflow speed options to choose from, Brookstone's Bed Fan has something to suit your preferences.

The fan itself is designed to fit easily between the top and bottom sheets of your bed, allowing cool air to circulate over your body.

The bed fan's adjustable height also ensures that it will be a great fit for any bed frame size.

Brookstone's Bed Fan can be raised or lowered to accommodate any frame from 26” to 40” so even the thickest mattresses won't stand in the way.

But it wouldn't be an unbiased review if I didn't point out that while Brookstone's Bed Fan features a highly customizable design, there are multiple user reviews stating that this design is, well, flimsy.

Brookstone's Bed Fan is apparently quite easy to knock over and may not stay level on certain surfaces without something to anchor it. When the fan does topple over, many users report that it cracks and breaks. This is definitely something to consider before opting to purchase your own.

Back on the positive side, I found added convenience in the wireless remote included with each Brookstone Bed Fan. It would be frustrating to get comfortable only to end up needing to get out of bed to adjust your Bed Fan's airflow speed. Placed on their nightstand, a Brookstone Bed Fan user can adjust airflow speed quickly and easily without having to get up!

How Well Will Brookstone's Bed Fan Work For You?

You may be asking yourself, "If I'm hot-natured and my partner is cold-natured, won't Brookstone's Bed Fan disturb them?".

In a short answer- no. Brookstone's Bed Fan is designed to either provide cool air flow to the entire bed or to be set up on only one side of the bed.

If your partner constantly complains that they're freezing whenever you turn the air on at night, Brookstone's Bed Fan is a viable solution for you.

Many users report that the fan provides a comfortable sleeping experience for them, leaving their cold-natured partner completely undisturbed! I was skeptical that this product could give comfort to one sleeper without causing discomfort for the other, but if online reviews are any indicator, this isn't a problem.

Where I did find complaints from Brookstone Bed Fan users was in the creation of another disturbance entirely- noise.

In multiple negative reviews, it is reported that the Bed Fan produces an annoying amount of noise. This was a discouraging find for a product that seemed like such a great solution to a common problem keeping people up at night.

It appears that if you're a sensitive sleeper, Brookstone's Bed Fan may solve one sleeping problem while creating a new one entirely.

While heavy sleepers and those accustomed to sleeping with background noise will experience no extreme problem here, it may prove bothersome to others.

Where Can You Find Brookstone's Bed Fan?

Before you run out to purchase your own Brookstone Bed Fan, there are a few things to consider.

To start, Brookstone's Bed Fan is unavailable for purchase on Brookstone's official website at the time of this review's writing, April 22, 2019.

I immediately questioned whether or not the Bed Fan was really just that popular or if something else was going on. As it turns out, Brookstone's Bed Fan has become the subject of recent controversy. There have been reports that Brookstone's Bed Fan is a knockoff of a Bed Fan product invented and patented by Tompkins in 2000.

The Tompkins' BedFan was sold by Brookstone and other retailers from 2008 to 2012. It appears that Brookstone ceased selling the Tompkin's BedFan in 2012, opting to instead create and patent a remarkably similar product- the Brookstone Bed Fan.

That same year, Tompkins filed a lawsuit against Brookstone on the claim that they stole their idea when they refused to move production of the Tompkins' BedFan from Texas to China. While the outcome of the said lawsuit is unknown, Tompkins recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign set to fund a new product- the bFan.

While it is unclear whether or not this lawsuit is the reason for Brookstone's lack of stock, it seems unlikely to be a matter of coincidence. Brookstone's Bed Fan is missing from other major retailers too, after all. From Bed Bath and Beyond to Sears, I was unable to find an available stock of Brookstone's product. If you're still set on picking up your own Brookstone Bed Fan, you'll have to resort to third-party sellers on Amazon or Ebay with prices varying from $178 to $459- at least for now.

Alternatives Offering Sleep Temperature Regulation

If you can't wait for Brookstone's Bed Fan to make a return to major retailers or just want to consider other options, here are some products to check out:


Tompkins' new and approved bFan offers unique features that they directly compare to Brookstone's Bed Fan. Take one look at their website, and you'll see that they're adamant that bFan is the superior solution for alleviating night sweats.

Tompkins made changes to their new design that provides solutions to the problems reported in Brookstone's Bed Fan reviews. Tompkins claims that bFan is both extraordinarily quiet and durable enough to last.

Complete with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, Tompkins' bFan seeks to not only offer you a more comfortable night's sleep but also save you money on your air-conditioning bill!


When it comes to BedJet, things get a bit more interesting in the sleep temperature balancing department. Not only does BedJet provide cooling airflow for hot sleepers as the products we've already discussed, but it also has something for those prone to chilly nights as well!

Utilizing something they call Dual Temperature Zones, BedJet enables sleeping partners to set their side of the bed to an appropriate temperature for their preference. Unlike other sleep temperature regulation products that provide only a cooling effect, BedJet has a warming feature!

SleepMe CUBE System

Similarly to BedJet, CUBE acts as a temperature regulation solution providing both cooling and warming features. Available in sizes ranging from Single to California King, CUBE is a mattress pad equipped with an effective temperature control system.

CUBE regulates temperature through a series of microtubes which circulate water through the mattress pad, generating a cooling or warming sensation according to your set preferences. CUBE separates itself from competitors like Brookstone's Bed Fan in both execution and mission statement.

Marketing CUBE as a health solution, Chili Technology's website provides a list of health benefits associated with their product. From weight loss to muscle pain relief, CUBE claims to offer both comfort and healthy living.

The Final Verdict on Brookstone's Bed Fan

In researching Brookstone's Bed Fan, I can't help but come to the conclusion that it just isn't the best option out there.

There are products, like bFan, offering a more durable, quiet design. Further still, sleep temperature regulation technologies like BedJet and CUBE even provide cooling and heating features.

Then there's the question of ingenuity- is Brookstone's Bed Fan even an original idea? While we can't know for sure, the possibility itself makes me uncomfortable in justifying a purchase- especially for a product only currently available through third-party sellers.

So let's break it down:


  • Brookstone's Bed Fan is highly customizable in both height and airflow preferences.
  • The wireless remote is an added convenience that ensures easy-to-reach functionality
  • It is widely reported to offer cooling comfort to who needs it, and only those who need it, without disturbing a sleeping partner.


  • There is a possibility that Brookstone's Bed Fan is nothing more than a knockoff of someone else's original idea
  • Numerous complaints of noise and flimsy design
  • Lacks any form of heating features
  • Currently available through third-party sellers only