TaoTronics Headphones Review: Excellent Sound, Excellent Price

By Oktay Ozadam

TaoTronics Headphones

The TaoTronics SoundSurge 46 headphones offer excellent sound quality at a competitive price when compared to more notable brands. With active noise cancellation technology, you can use these Bluetooth-enabled headphones to block out the outside world and enjoy your music, movies, gaming, and more.

While the SoundSurge 46 headphones are not designed to be used while sleeping, you may find them comfortable enough to fall asleep. Keep reading to learn more about these headphones and how they stack up in terms of quality and design.

Is TaoTronics a good brand?

TaoTronics has a strong presence in seven countries, including the US, Japan, and Germany. They have sold more than 10 million products around the world, specializing in modern tech.

TaoTronics does not focus solely on audio, though they do offer a range of earbuds, over-ear headphone products, and soundbars. They also provide humidifiers and lamps, which may show that their attention is directed toward technology instead of sound quality.

Design and Build Quality

The TaoTronics SoundSurge 46 features protein cushions that will sit comfortably on your ears. The headband is adjustable, and the earphones rotate on a 90-degree axis. The TaoTronics headset is not collapsible, but they will lay flat in the provided case.

The button controls are not very pronounced, so it might take some getting used to before you find them easily while wearing the headphones. Overall, I think the black and silver design is sleek and modern, which can suit a wide range of styles.

What about Sound Quality

The SoundSurge 46 offers HD audio, which is considered high-quality sound. The bass and treble are well balanced, which enables you to enjoy music the way it was intended to be heard without distortion.

Vocals are clear, and you may be able to pick up elements in your favorite songs that you have never noticed before. The Bluetooth range for these is roughly 40 feet before you see interference, which differs from the 50-100 feet claimed by TaoTronics.

Usability and Comfort

There are many features for the SoundSurge 46 that make the product stand out in terms of comfort.

  • The padding is soft, which provides a comfortable experience for long durations.
  • The rotation allows you to move your head comfortably, and the headphones will adapt to the motion.
  • The headphones weight 7.7 ounces, which will sit lightly on your head for an unobtrusive experience.

With the cushioned headband and earpads, you can certainly use this product to fall asleep. However, the TaoTronics headphones are not designed to be used for sleeping so that they may get uncomfortable in the night.

How Good is It in Blocking Noise?

The TaoTronics active noise-canceling headphones are able to block noise. With active noise cancellation, the sound quality of the headphones improves. You may notice a weird or distorted sound for a few seconds once you turn on the ANC feature, but the sound resolves quickly once the ANC technology adapts to your environment.

SoundSurge 46 is better at reducing noise from low-end frequencies, so you may notice high frequencies getting through. If you are using these products for sleep, the noise cancellation will effectively block out other sounds.

SoundSurge 46 vs. SoundSurge 60

The SoundSurge 60 is another popular option for TaoTronics ANC headphones and was the previous model to the SoundSurge 46. While both products offer active noise cancellation and high-quality sound, there are a few notable differences between the models.

The SoundSurge 60 features a collapsible design. The headphones fold up smaller than the SoundSurge 46, and they come with a more compact case. The better option will depend on your unique preference and the size of your travel bag or briefcase.

The bass for the SoundSurge 60 may drop out when you activate the ANC. However, this does not seem to occur with the SoundSurge 46. Both products offer crisp sound quality for the mid and high ranges.

Common Questions

How long does it take to charge the headphones?

The SoundSurge 46 headphones will completely charge in 45 minutes. However, you can get two hours of music playtime with just a 5-minute charge. The SoundSurge 60 offers similar charging times.

How do I pair my TaoTronics headphones?

To pair your TaoTronics headphones, ensure that the headphones are fully charged and on. Keep your headphones and pairing device within 3 feet of each other. Press and hold the multi-function button on your headphones for about two seconds, and you will see the LED lights start flashing. On your Bluetooth enabled device, search for nearby devices and choose the TaoTronics SoundSurge 46. When pairing is successfully completed, the LED on the headphones will stay a solid color.

What is the warranty on TaoTronics products?

TaoTronics offers a 12-month warranty on all of their products. If you register your product, you can receive an 18-month warranty extension for free. If you bought your headphones on Amazon, you can extend your warranty by 30 months.

How good is the headphone battery life?

A complete charge of 45 minutes can provide up to 30 hours of music playback. A partial charge for just 5 minutes can provide up to two hours of playback. The battery life on the SoundSurge 46 is pretty impressive, but having the ANC feature enabled will drain the battery faster.

What are my Alternatives?

There are other comparable products available on the market to the TaoTronics SoundSurge 46. Most notably, the Bose QuietComfort 35 is a top favorite among consumers for over-ear headphones. Keep reading to see how the two products compare.

TaoTronics vs. Bose

The Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones are the most comparable model to the TaoTronics SoundSurge 46. The biggest difference you will notice between the two products is the price. The Bose headphones are almost three times the cost of the TaoTronics headphones, but the two items perform similarly.

The Bose headphones have a slight advantage when it comes to active noise cancellation. In extremely noisy environments, the SoundSurge 46 headphones may not be able to keep up with the Bose in noise reduction. Some background noise may be noticeable with the TaoTronics product that is not with the Bose.

Final Words

Overall, the TaoTronics SoundSurge 46 over-ear headphones are a high-quality product, especially given the relatively low price.

They are effective at blocking out background noise with active noise cancellation and offer an impressive battery life. The quick charging feature is a nice bonus, which allows you to enjoy a couple of hours of music playback with just a five-minute charge.

While the padding and cushioned earpads are comfortable enough to fall asleep with, these headphones are not specifically designed for all night usage. Most users may find them uncomfortable over time.

If you are looking for sleep headphones, check out the CozyPhones Sleep Headphones or the SleepPhones headphones. These products do not provide the same high-quality sounds as TaoTronics headphones, but they are designed to be used while sleeping. You may find those products more straightforward to use for sleep and more comfortable after hours of wear.

  • Relatively low price
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Cushioned headband and earpads
  • Quality and clear sound
  • Not all background noise is eliminated
  • Not designed for sleep
  • SoundSurge 46 does not feature a collapsible design