The New Dreem 2: Everything You Need to Know About Dreem 2

By Oktay Ozadam

New Dreem 2

In 2017 the first Dreem sleep headband was released with the lofty goal of helping its users to get healthier and longer lasting sleep. This was achieved through an impressive suite of features, including sleep reports, "pink noise" to enhance sleep, and an option to have the headband wake you up during the lightest phase of sleep.

Now the newly released Dreem 2 has worked to improve on the original design and address concerns raised by their users.

Update - September 10, 2019

Dreem 2, which claims to track sleep with the precision of a sleep clinic, is now available in the US as an FDA registered Class II medical device.

A More Comfortable Sleeping Experience

For some users, a lack of comfort was the most consistent complaint raised against the first Dreem headband. The headband wasn't comfortable in certain sleeping positions, and some users would awake with marks on their head from the sensors.

Thankfully, with the Dreem 2, this is no longer an issue!

The materials of the Dreem 2 are softer and more flexible. The Dreem 2 also added lightweight, waterproof foam to the front and side bands to support any sleeping position comfortably.

The original Dreem headband fits most head sizes, but those with particularly large, small, or uniquely sized craniums might have had difficulty getting a snug fit. If you fit in one of these categories, you'll be happy to hear that the Dreem 2 comes with a set of 3 different band size adjustors so that the new product will fit every head with ease.

One of the reasons that comfort was so challenging for the original Dreem was that the EEG sensors need to remain in contact with the skin to get an accurate reading, which requires pressure (and possible discomfort) to keep them there.

The Dreem 2's solution to this issue was to mount the front band sensors on a series of small springs, so they can stay in contact during the night without pressing into the skin and leaving marks.

Better Sound and Better Control

The first Dreem headband came with a bone-conducting audio system, which allowed you to enjoy the audio features without using earbuds or headphones.

Unfortunately, the original audio system received complaints of lousy sound quality and high levels of sound leakage, even to the point that someone sharing a bed could also hear the audio.

With the new Dreem 2, the bone-conducting audio system is significantly improved to provide what the Dreem website calls "a more immersive, intimate listening experience".

The touchpad has also seen improvements. It is larger, now about the width of the average finger, and raised to make it easier to find and use at night. Touching it now triggers a quiet sound cue, so you know you're touching the right spot.

Some Minor Complaints

While the majority of the complaints about the original Dreem headband were thoroughly addressed with the new model, some minor negative attributes still remain.

Some users reported that the Dreem's cognitive exercises, which involve a single word repeating quietly throughout the night, were waking them from their sleep.

Another negligible flaw is that the Dreem 2's battery life still only lasts a maximum of 12 hours on a full charge, meaning it cannot accommodate two full nights of sleep without a recharge. If you forget to charge the Dreem headband for even one day, you won't be able to use it that night.

However, considering that the Dreem 2 has seven high tech sensors as well as Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity, it's perhaps unsurprising that the battery life is difficult to improve.

Dreem 2 Gets a $100 Price Drop

The Dreem 2 is currently available in Europe, Hong Kong, and Macau. It is set to release in North America within a few weeks. The system is available in both French and English languages.

Currently, the Dreem 2 is selling for 399 euros. The company also offers a payment plan for three payments of 133 euros. Although this is not an insignificant amount of money, it's actually cheaper than the less-advanced Dreem 1, which sold for 499 euros and it comes with a 14-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty.

The Dreem 2 can be purchased through Dreem's website.

The Verdict on the Dreem 2

While most users of the first Dreem headband were satisfied with the product, a lack of comfort is still a major issue for any product seeking to improve sleep. Luckily, the makers of the Dreem 2 have clearly taken the concerns of their user base into consideration when designing it.

If you own the original Dreem and find it meets your needs in terms of comfort, then this new product probably won't add much to your sleeping experience. However, if the original Dreem was too uncomfortable for you, or you're looking to try out the Dreem headband, the Dreem 2 may be a better and more comfortable option.

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