Review of Maxrock Sleep Earplugs : Noise Isolating Ear Plugs For Better Sleep

By Oktay Ozadam

MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs

When someone says earbuds or in-ear headphones, comfort might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Therefore, several people gravitate towards over-ear headphones; they like a more cushioned experience for sound.

However, when it comes to sleeping, over-ear headphones simply may not cut it for most people. You can't possibly imagine being a side sleeper and laying your head down on an uncomfortable headset.

Consumers are often found on this never-ending hunt for the perfect sleeping headphones. And today, let's see if Maxrock might just have the pair of unique earplugs you've been looking for.

Maxrock Sleeping Headphones: What's all the hype?

Maxrock Sleep Earplugs are marketed as noise isolating earplugs that offer a unique "total-soft" silicone design, perfect for those that struggle with insomnia, sleep on their side, sleep with a snorer, or those that struggle to sleep on an airplane.

Even if these are somehow soft earbuds, will they truly work when you try to sleep on them?

A Truly Unique Design:

Firstly, these earbuds are shockingly small. Like, a lot smaller than you might expect small. Users have said that these are possibly the lightest, most comfortable pair of earbuds that they have ever tried. These earbuds fit snugly into the ear canal and prove to be very soft.

Thanks to their small design, it allows side sleepers to rejoice on a product that feels like it was made for them. These earbuds are designed to fit deeper into the anatomy of the ear. A common problem with earbuds and side sleepers on other designs was that the earbuds are large and impossible to ignore when you slept on top of them. The Maxrock sleeping headphones do not seem to have this problem.

Common Question:

Q: "Will these block out the loud noise of a snoring partner?"

A: Yes. The Maxrock sleeping headphones create a "noise-blocking vacuum" when put into the ear. When you play a white noise like sound, it acts to simulate noise cancellation. More on the sound quality in the next section…

They Aren't Just Wired: Some Other Options:

If the limited-wire approach for headphones bothers you, then you can opt into purchasing Maxrock's "wireless" option. They're marketed as wireless, but they aren't genuinely wireless like air pods. They're still wired in the sense of ear to ear, but they connect to your device using Bluetooth.

If you're looking for the truly wireless experience, Maxrock offers a pair that accommodates this experience. However, this option does not appear to be as accommodating for usage while sleeping. Some users have also pointed out that this option has a lower sound quality experience.

For the Low Price, is the Sound Good?

Thanks to their small and insertable design. The sound quality is better than its technological capability might advertise. The cancellation of ambient noise and vacuum-like seal will make just about any pair of earbuds sound decent.

For the user, these earbuds often present themselves as a pleasant surprise. The sound is crispy, but it might be a bit to quiet at lower volumes, meaning you might use these on the louder settings more often. This isn't inherently bad; it will just be different from other headphones you've used in the past.

Many users of Maxrock's headphones have complained about a short lifespan and inconsistency with the right earplug. The sleep headphones only lasted 2-3 months for them or that the right earphone's quality is subpar or less functional when compared to the left earphone.

To avoid this issue, simply test your earbuds out before you decide to make them a daily driver. Ensure that everything works appropriately and check their performance after around three months.

On the Topic of Noise Cancellation

When you purchase these headphones, do not expect them to be made for total noise cancellation. Their price range and design do not guarantee a product that is technologically equipped to cancel noise using active noise cancellation systems.

However, these headphones deliver a listening environment that is noise isolating. These earbuds will help you sleep on a plane, with a snorer, or comfortably on your side.

What Comes in the Box?

When you order the default wired option, your order will (for sure) come with a pair of earbuds and a user manual. Beyond that, Maxrock does not include any different-sized headphone flanges with these earbuds, meaning if they don't fit, you're out of luck.

Warranty Information & Return Policy

With each order, Maxrock offers a 3-month no-hassle return and replace warranty. If you find that your order has defects in the design or sound quality, or they simply don't fit, return them with peace of mind within the 3-month window of your purchase.

Keep in mind this is only a guarantee for their wired option, like the other models I listed may not afford the same warranty or return policies.

Where to Purchase Maxrock's Sleeping Headphones

You will only be able to purchase these headphones, and other Maxrock products, from websites like Amazon, Walmart or eBay. To make it easy, here are individual links for each product mentioned in this article. Prices range from 11 to 30 dollars (depending on options).

In Conclusion:

Finding soft ear buds, let alone the best earbuds for sleeping, is a difficult task. With so many options on the market, a consumer might be intimidated or even scared to make their first purchase. Maxrock appears to offer comfortable earbuds for sleeping, but it is always best that you test.

I recommend that if you give these earbuds a whirl, simply test how they feel and work. And if you don't like them, take advantage of Maxrock's warranty and return policy and simply send them back.

For their low and affordable price, these might just be the sleeping headphones you've been looking for.

  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable in-ear design
  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Very discreet while in the ear
  • Does block out snoring
  • Does not completely cancel noise, your alarm will still be audible
  • Inconsistent performance for some users
  • Wired experience no matter what, even the wireless still technically has wires
  • No established website for the brand (as far as I can tell) – which may mean limited support
  • It’s not going to be the best sound quality you’ve ever heard
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