The Fitbit Sleep Score App can Help You Improve Your Health by Improving the Quality of Your Sleep

By Oktay Ozadam

Fitbit Sleep Score

In a couple of months, Fitbit will be rolling out its brand new app called the sleep score app. This app is designed to keep track of sleep patterns and tell you how well your sleep or how much you need to improve your sleep. The Sleep Score app is going to be rolled out on all Fitbit compatible devices. People looking for ways to improve their sleep can now grab the opportunity of one of the compatible devices coming soon to start tracking your sleep.

Compatible Sleep Stage Tracking Devices from Fitbit

These are the devices you should focus your target on when the Sleep Score app hits the market.

  • Fitbit Alta HR
  • Fitbit Charge 2
  • Fitbit Charge 3
  • Fitbit Blaze
  • Fitbit Ionic
  • Fitbit Ionic (Adidas edition)
  • Fitbit Versa

The sleep score app will be compatible with latter Fitbit devices that are designed with a heart-rate tracking which collects the data from SpO2 sensors. Fitbit is offering a whole new way to track and interpret sleep data with the launch of the full version of this app in the winter. The functions of this app will also expand to offer more useful features.

In a company briefing with Fitbit company insider, the company has already begun to enjoy pre-order sales on their products with the Charger 3 maintaining the lead as the top grossing of the products. This is undoubtedly a good sign to show that sleep score has enjoyed a warm reception from the consumers.

Fitbit Charger 3

When you talk of a successful product, the Charger 3 is one you can't just overlook. The charger 3 has remained the Company's best-selling product even before the introduction of the sleep score app. The Fitbit Charger 3 has sold over 35 million copies worldwide. This figure is expected to double when the sleep score app finally hits the market.

The Fitbit Charger 3 is an amazing product to add to your collection quite many expandable features that includes the smartphone sync features which deliver notifications and vital information to your smartphone directly. This product design also consists of different modes for different exercises including swimming. For swimmers who love to track their performance, this is undoubtedly the time to break your bank for the perfect product.

The Sleep Score app will certainly put the Fitbit wearables ahead of competitors like Apple in the sleep technology.

What to expect with the new sleep score app

  • Simplified reading of sleep score
  • The new sleep score app will introduce daily reading and sleep score at the end of every night. According to Doctor Conor Heneghan who currently works as the lead sleep researcher, after carefully studying the feedbacks from people, the sleep score app will be to be more user-friendly. The number readings will be simplified into a single number. What we will be looking at in this case is numbers ranging from 80 and above as a good sleep rating while any number that falls below that to 70 will be rated as fair. Sleep scores that fall below 70 will be considered poor and require improvement.

  • More Personalized reading delivered to your desktop
  • This is another feature we hope to see fully operational in the release of the Sleep Score app. This will help every user to better understand their sleep performance. What is, even more, is the fact that each wearer gets personal advice on how best to improve their sleep performance. Every wearer will also get personal information on how to reduce their stress and improve their mood before bedtime. The Sleep Score experience will be delivered via desktop. So be sure to have a “clear experience” of your sleep performance.

Why this device is very timely?

With the purchase of Beddit by Apple the introduction of the sleep score app is very timely. Sleep score app will certainly put the Fitbit tech company on the spotlight and give Apple and the likes a run for their money. With all the interest growing towards keeping fit and the sleep technology, the timing of the release of this product is indeed not a bad idea.

If Fitbit manages to conquer the market before Apple pushes ahead with its planned introduction of the sleep app technology into their smartwatches, then they will certainly leave a very strong landmark behind.

Does the Fitbit stand a chance?

We can agree that our world today is continually becoming a lot busier. Most people barely find the time to enjoy a night of quality sleep. This has increased the interest in the field of sleep science and sleep technology. More people want to find better ways to sleep. Fitbit Sleep Score app stands an excellent chance to compete favorably in the market. The field is not yet so crowded at the moment and is indeed a good field to explore. In the coming years, we hope to see more interesting upgrades to this product as well as other exciting products from Fitbit tech giant.

Remember, when you sleep well you wake up refreshed and more focused to face the day's activity.