Ebb Sleep Aid – How To Calm Your Night Mind In One Easy Step

By Oktay Ozadam

Ebb Sleep Aid

The Ebb Sleeping aid (formerly known as Cerêve sleep system) is built to help the user go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

I often just can't go to sleep. I am sure you know what I am talking about. It seems that all you do when you hit the sheets is relive different awkward moments of your life.

But What Is The Ebb Sleep Aid?

In order to get to sleep quicker, the Ebb Sleep Aid uses Ebb therapeutics to physically cool the forehead such that the brain can calm down.

It is a cool blanket for your head and your thoughts. Many products serve a similar purpose.

Some of the products deliver an instant cold pack to chill the forehead temporarily. These will provide a cold compress only for a moment, i.e. until the compress warms up.

Other types of products are placed over the eyes. These are used to blackout any light. The added benefit of these is that they can massage the temples and eyes. However, they may not actually aid falling asleep as the machines are massaging.

The Ebb Sleep Aid isn't just a slip-on cold compress. The cold fluid has to be continuously recycled so that it doesn't warm up like the instant cold compress types. There are only a few components to the device:

  • Comfort Band
  • Cooling Cushion
  • Beside Controller
  • Fluid Cartridge

That is it. It is seemingly incredibly self-explanatory and easy to set up. The interesting part is that most sleep aides tend to have attachments that go over the eyes to darken and massage the temples and eyes.

However, the purpose of this device isn't to shut out the light but to affect the actual brain activity. The basic premise is that if the mind is physically cooler, it can more easily shut off and allow the body to sleep.

Can You Sleep With It On?

The device advertises that you should fall asleep faster. So, the band and cushion should be designed to wear in bed.

The band itself is like a stretchy synthetic cloth. It is lightweight and easy to wear like a regular sports headband, but not as tight.

The cooling cushion is connected between the headband and your forehead. There is a cord that feeds the cooling liquid through the headband and back into the bedside controller.

However, that cord goes up above the head and then to the box and not down around the head or anywhere near your neck. So, the equipment is simple; the set up is basic, and the sleeping set up appears useful.

How The Ebb Sleep Aid Works

In basic terms, as advertised, the Ebb insomnia therapy philosophy is based on keeping the physical brain right behind your forehead at a constant temperature.

This is between 15-18 degrees C.

The bedside controller, along with the fluid cartridge not only cools your forehead but also keeps it at that temperature throughout the night.

This way it isn't a single cooling but stays at the best temperature for calming the mind.

The band could be a little cold for some people, and the machine does have a background noise. It hums similar to a white noise around 40 dB. This level of noise, 40 dB, is identical to the volume of a library, birdcalls, or a babbling broke. I'm not sure the sounds are the same and would have preferred a babbling brook, but the noise faded into the background quick enough.

There is credited science to support the supposition that a physically cooler head can help the user sleep. This study here does conclude that machines like this have been proved to help people go to sleep quicker and have a more restful sleep. So for a quick breakdown here is a short review:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Positive results in a few days
  • Easy set-up
  • Device is the size of a loaf of bread (small)
  • Possible to use with other electronic and medical devices
  • Can be a bit chilly on the head
  • Noise associated with the machine (white noise)
  • Cord connects the headband to the box
  • Pricey compared to different functioning devices

Is The Ebb Sleep Aid Expensive?

The Ebb Sleep price is up there. However, it isn't the only one on the market that provides a similar service.

There are a few other devices that do the same thing. They are either around the same price or significantly more. So, the Ebb Sleep Aid does seem to be well priced for the product.

However, the better question is: Is the price of the Ebb Sleep Aid worth it?

Well, that depends if it works for you. Number two (2) in the pros list is probably the most important one of the entire review.

The price of the device is worth it because the value of the gadget is priceless.

If the Ebb Sleep Aid does what it is supposed to do, as science supports, then the price of the product should be compared to the value of the benefit.

So, what is the value of a good night sleep? More or less than the price of the product.

Though it is hard to put a value on a full and uninterrupted sleep, it seems that the price of the product is worth the reward.

A Ticket To A Good Nights Sleep

The Ebb Sleep Aid is built to cool down the head to cool down the brain physically. The idea that a cold compress can calm your thoughts isn't outrageous at all, but at least novel in my world.