The DZ09 Smartwatch Review– Is It Worth Buying?

By Oktay Ozadam

Padgene DZ09 Smartwatch

The DZ09 smartwatch seems an amazing value alternative to the Apple smartwatch or Fitbit. It comes with a wide range of functionalities and seems to offer everything you need at a fraction of the price of a popular smartwatch make.

There are many cheaply priced smartwatches in the market that comes with similar features. It is also worth to check out this page where we compare DZ09 with other affordable smartwatches.

We found three DZ09 brands on Amazon that had generated over 100 customer reviews. So are any of these worth a try?

Let's find out.

Review of Top DZ09 Smartwatches

1 - Padgene Bluetooth DZ09 Smartwatch

The Padgene Bluetooth DZ09 Smartwatch is one of the least expensive models on the market, and with over 300 customer reviews on Amazon, it is currently the most popular.

The watch is available in a choice of colors including the gold rose pink and silver that according to the maker's spec features a non-sweat matte surface that is comfortable to wear.

The touch screen watch face is water-resistant and constructed from glass. It measures 43.5mm x 40 mm so is certainly big enough to read alerts, messages and texts and post on social media.

So what can you do with it? Just about everything you can do on an Apple smartphone or Fitbit, including health monitoring, step counter, tracking sports data, and sleep monitoring and sitting memory.

It also enables you to make and receive calls, texts, and emails, keep up with social media, including Facebook and WhatsApp. It also comes with a camera.

The Padgene Bluetooth DZ09 comes in two versions.

There is the Bluetooth model that you can pair with your phone. This enables you to receive all social media, WhatsApp messages via a push from your smartphone.

The DZ09 has wide compatibility, and according to the advertising, it can be paired with most IOS phones and Android smartphones.

There is also a SIM card version so the DZ09 can be used as an Android smartphone in its own right.

Advertised Battery power looks impressive at 180 hours standby and 5 hours active use. The smartwatch supports a 32GB memory card too (not included), so you store a wide range of music.

Customer feedback is reasonably good, and with over 1600 reviews at the time of writing, there is a range of opinion.

Some customers have mentioned that the camera function is good and that the watch is easy to program.

Customer comments include,

Ease of programming, the battery holds great, functions very well

The strap seems to be an issue for some customers:

Not even one month and it's broke twice. My son keeps trying to glue the strap back to the watch face, but it doesn't stay.

Some customers have also complained about battery life

The battery did not last all day, and the touch screen was hard to use.

Despite the few negative comments, a good point about this DZ09 smartwatch is that it comes with a 90-day guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

  • Attractive phone with a great choice of finishes
  • Inexpensive and a lot of features for a low price
  • Very popular with customers with over 1600 reviews on Amazon
  • 90 day returns policy offered
  • Issues with the strap and the battery
  • GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz, Single Micro SIM Card
  • Bluetooth SMS / IM Message Notified
  • Bluetooth Dialer, Call Reminder, Bluetooth Call
  • 2.0M Camera
  • 1.56" TFT LCD Touch Screen 240*240 pixels
  • Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Reminder
  • Anti-loss Technology to bind phone
  • Calendar (Synchronizable)
  • CPU: MTK6260A 533MHz
  • SIM Card: Single SIM Card (Micro SIM Card) Can be as a phone
  • External memory: Support TF card up to 32GB
  • Display: 1.56 inch TFT LCD, 240 x 240 pixels
  • Picture Format: JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG
  • Hand-writing: Yes
  • Battery: 380 mAh
  • Music Format: MP3, WAV
  • Talk Time: 3 Hours
  • Standby Time: 180 Hours
  • USB Port: Mini USB 5pin interface
  • SMS: Yes
  • Gravity Sensor: Yes

Padgene – Last Words

In our opinion, the Padgene Bluetooth DZ09 Smartwatch is the best of the bunch. It looks good and has some great features and is an easy way to try out whether you like wearable technology without spending a fortune on a branded smartwatch such as the Apple or Fitbit.

Overall customer opinion is positive and at a great price and with a stellar 90 day returns policy we think this inexpensive smartwatch is well worth a try.

Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth SmartWatch (with Camera)

2- Aeifond DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch

The Aiefond DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch claims to deliver everything you need on your wrist! The many features include music player, sound recorder, camera, messaging, phone, text, step counter, health information, fitness tracker, and more.

It is a good looking watch. It is currently available in a choice of black-brown or silver finishes, the face is constructed of stainless steel, and the strap is an anti-sweat material that looks pretty comfortable.

Overall it is very similar in appearance and functionality to the Padgene Bluetooth DZ09.

The smartwatch comes in two versions; there is a Bluetooth model that you synch with your smartphone, so that all your phone calls, messages, email notifications and more are pushed directly to the watch. According to the specifications, it is compatible with most android and IOS phones.

Alternatively, you can fit it with a SIM card and use as a standalone Android phone.

Customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive with many customers reporting that the watch works as described.

I wondered if this might be too good to be true and after running the advert through scam software found that approximately half of the 125 customer reviews may not be from genuine customers, so you do need to take some of these with a pinch of salt.

Most negative feedback relates to the battery life and includes comments such as,

"The watch did not work.... I put it on the charger, and when I took it off, the watch would not turn on."

The Aiefond DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch comes with a 30 – day refund policy and is covered by a 12-month new replacement warranty. Whether you will really get your money back, or a new watch if things go wrong, is unknown but in my opinion and judging by customer experience, it seems unlikely

  • Good looking watch
  • Some positive feedback
  • Comes with a guarantee
  • Technical issues mainly around battery life
  • Some of the positive customer feedback may not be genuine

Aeifond – Last Words

The Aiefond DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch has some great looks and seems to provide everything that you need from a smartwatch. However, it is expensive compared to others on the market, and we have serious concerns about battery life which does not appear to be very long-lasting.

Other concerns include the low number of genuine positive customer reviews and the fact that according to scam software, around 50% of these may not be genuine. This leads us to mistrust the so-called 12-month warranty that is advertised yet not mentioned by dissatisfied customers.

Aeifond DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch

3 - Aipker Smart Watch

The Aipker SmartWatch looks similar to the Fitbit, and although this is appealing, this model is not as popular as many other DZ09s on the market and has only generated over 120 customer reviews at the time of writing.

Unlike most DZ09 smartwatches, you don't have a choice between a Bluetooth model or SIM card. This one comes ready fitted with a SIM slot, but it is up to you whether you use it with the card or simply stick to Bluetooth. We like this feature because it means you can change your mind later.

There is also a built-in camera which some users are pleased with.

There is not much product information available with the Aipker SmartWatch, and many customers have struggled with setting it up, complaining that the App which you need to run this phone is not written in easily understandable English and is confusing.

Overall Customer feedback is not very favorable. There are obviously some quality issues with the battery

Customer comments include:

Very cheap product. Low quality. Battery life is awful. Not happy

However there are some satisfied customers,

I love it! Camera works great! Calling through my new watch is fun! I like my Twitter notifications through my watch!
  • May work if you don't ask too much from it
  • Smart, rugged looks similar to a Fitbit
  • Mainly negative feedback
  • Many customers have reported technical issues

Aipker – Last Words

We like the rugged looks of the Aipker Smartwatch, and it has some useful features. However, with very little positive feedback and some issues around the battery, this smartwatch does not seem very well made, and you may find that it simply stops working pretty soon after you buy it.

There is also a lack of product information, and the fact that you cannot return the smartwatch for a refund or replacement is of concern.

In our opinion, there are better DZ09 Smartwatches on the market..

Aipker DZ09 Smartwatch

Common Questions about DZ09 Smartwatch

Is there an App for DZ09?

There is an App for the DZ09 smartwatch which also suits other models of smartwatches. You can find the App via the Google play store or the QR code (quick response code) on the box.

Can I use DZ09 with or without a SIM card?

You can use the Dz09 without a SIM card, receiving pushed messages and information from your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can also fit a SIM (micro sim) to your DZ09 so that it functions as a standalone phone. Be sure to select the correct model when you buy. Some DZ09 smartwatches offer you the Bluetooth version so may not have a slot for a SIM.

Which Apps come installed with DZ09?

Strictly speaking, you install the Apps you need, but the DZ09 does come with plenty of built-in features too.

These include: Activity tracker, pedometer, sleep monitor, sedentary remind (to tell you when you have been sitting down for too long), music player, sound recorder (requires an SD card), camera, image viewer, alarm clock, calendar, an anti-lost function that you can pair with your smartphone.

Can I use DZ09 with iPhone?

Yes, you can use the DZ09 with your iPhone. The smartwatch is compatible with most IOS and Android models, although it may have only partial functions on earlier models such as iPhone 5 and 5s.

Why Do I need BT Notifier for DZ09?

If you are going to pair your smartwatch with your smartphone and use it via Bluetooth, you will need an App to transfer the information between devices.

BT (Bluetooth) Notifier is designed to send you all your information from your phone, your email messages and social media directly to your smartwatch so that your smartwatch has the same functionality as your smartphone.

You can download BT Notifier free via Google Play or Apple store.

Does DZ09 have WIFI?

The DZ09 does not support wifi. It will not enable you to access the internet unless you have a SIM card fitted and can go through your mobile phone network.

Is the DZ09 Smartwatch Water-resistant or Waterproof?

The DZ09 is water-resistant, which means it will be fine under slightly wet conditions such as rain, splashing through puddles or a sudden downpour.

It is not however waterproof, so if you submerge it in water or any other liquid, this will cause to stop working.

Can I Install WearOS on DZ09?

You cannot install WearOS on your DZ09. If you want to change the look of your smartwatch, you can change it via Android Launcher in the same way as you would customize the screen of any android smartphone.

How is the Battery Life on DZ09?

The battery life on a DZ09 can vary according to the manufacturer and model. The Padgene Bluetooth looks impressive at 180 hours standby and 5 hours active use. According to the specifications for the Aiefond DZ09, there is a 24-hour battery life depending on usage.

Some customers have mentioned battery life as a common issue, so if you are thinking of a DZ09, it is probably a good idea to buy one that provides with an extended returns policy. That way you can return it in case of problems.

Does the DZ09 Come with a Memory Card Slot?

Yes, the DZ09 does have a memory card slot so you can copy and store all your favorite music directly onto your smartwatch via an SD card.

In all DZ09 smartwatches, the standard supported storage capacity is 32GB.

The DZ09 does have built-in memory storage of 128 MB so is sufficient to store some music direct to the smartwatch.

Is it Possible to Play Games on DZ09?

You can install and play some games on the DZ09 if you have a SIM card and an SD card for storage. It is not quite as simply as just downloading an App from Google Play, but it can be done.

To install a new game, first, you must tap in a code of 8 x zeros on your dial pad which will take you to a designated game store suitable for use with your DZ09. You then choose your game and download.

Not all DZ09 smartwatches have this function, but you might be able to play some games on your DZ09, although it may be physically challenging to play a game one-handed if you are wearing your smartwatch.