Review: DubsLabs Bedphones - Headphones Designed for Sleep

By Oktay Ozadam

Dubslabs Headphones

DubsLabs Bedphones might just be the goto sleep companion you're missing. Noisy dogs, loud parties, snoring partners, crying infants, and the list goes on. Most of us have trouble getting a peaceful sleep with backdrops such as these. Science states that our brains are wired to react to music in ways that positively alter hormone levels as well as body chemistry.

Technology has not just made it a viable option but an affordable luxury with a range of different Sleep Headphones. We will be reviewing both the versions of DubLabs Bedphones; Wired and Wireless. Let's look at why DubLabs Bedphones might be your perfect sleep companion!

Design and Build Quality - Break It Down!

The key to achieving great headphones for sleep is not just sound quality but also the level of comfort and ease of use.

These bedphones are claimed to be the smallest on-ear headphones, and they come in two types; Wired and Wireless. The choice amongst the two will depend on the your budget as well as personal preference.

Both Wired and Wireless models are designed to be super portable, lightweight and durable for a long hour uses. The entire product weighs less than 0.05 pounds.

These bedphones are less than a quarter-inch thick and covered in soft foam to prevent any hindrance that may be caused between the pillow and the ear.

The model has a 3.5 mm sized audio jack since it is a standard and makes it compatible with most devices.

This device consists of metal speaker drivers covered in foam and with a diameter of 23mm, giving it a thin and flat structure.

The over the ear wires in the Wireless model could be inconvenient, and a little annoying but they're pretty easily adjustable.

Bedphone has an inline microphone with a single button that allows handsfree usage during calls and allows the user to manage music as well.

The cable on these earphones is made up of PVC and coated with rubber. The bedphones also have flexible wire ear hooks. An adjustable cable slider is also for a customized fit. I wouldn't say it is the best out there in the market. You probably can find a device with better quality.

Sound Quality - Listen!

Before we go ahead and start talking about the sound quality, let's keep in mind we're looking at a small, portable device which is different from our regular earphones. Therefore let's not compare the sound quality with regular high-end devices.

For a device this small and at these prices, the sound quality is pretty decent. Might not be the best, but for the purpose, it is serving (sleep onset), the sound detailing and quality do not have to be extraordinary; hence it does the job acceptably well.

They have a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz and an impedance of 32 Ω ±15%. This means they can handle overloading; therefore they use up a little extra power.

Comfort and Usability - Sound Asleep!

Bedphones are designed in such a way that it can be suitable for most ear types (a variety of size and shape). The ease of use and adjustable qualities of it make it more accommodative for all.

The material used for the casing of the earpiece enhances the comfort of wearing it while sleeping in any position. To be honest, they feel soft and cushion-like. However, it might take time to get adjusted and find the fit that's perfect for your ear.

The memory wire can be molded to hook onto your ear. Once you place both the earpieces into your ears, bring the wire over the ear canal and adjust the cable behind your neck to stay put all night.

It could feel a little flimsy if not set in the right position. So, this might be a bit of a struggle in the beginning, but once you get this right, you're all set to go!

There is a slider on the cable that can be used to tighten or loosen the wire at the back of your neck. Make sure it's neither too tight or too loose as this can hinder the experience.

One of the most crucial part of a bedphone is the level of comfort and ease of use; the inline button on the cable and the microphone enhances the user experience as it makes it relatively more accessible for the user to manage the playlist or pick up calls without disturbing one's sleep position or the exposure to extreme light through the smartphones.

How to Wear Bedphones

Who is It For?

Are you one of those people who have trouble falling asleep? Spend most of your night-time turning and rolling around just to get some sleep?

I know I am. I have had times when I have worked all day, and I'm too tired, but I still can't get a peaceful sleep. These earphones would be perfect for eliminating any irritating background sounds that disturb your sleep and instead help you get a calming, peaceful sleep.

Listening to music while sleeping is also known to help people with sleep disorders, insomnia, etc. So if you're somebody suffering from such, this could be a viable option. However, it might help to consult a specialist to determine if this is a good idea as listening to music while sleeping might come with issues that may vary from person to person.

Personally, I'd say bedphones can be suitable for anyone above the age of 15. I wouldn't suggest it for young kids as this might hinder the development of their sleep patterns/cycle.

It's important to know that there are many other usage scenarios apart from the reasons mentioned above for these bedphones. They can be used during workout sessions as they will stay put even during intense cardio sessions, or a jog.

Bedphones can also be used during travel, in work environments and during any active sports such as bicycling, etc.

Noise blockage - Shhh?

There are a lot of headphones in the market that are meant for noise cancellation, and the hence have appropriate sound quality.

However, bedphones are not intended for noise canceling; instead, the aim is to combat external sounds with more soothing or personalized sounds.

If you're looking at this product with the sole purpose of external noise blockage, then this might not be a perfect fit for you.

But on the other hand, they do offer a full-range sound, and this could be effective in eliminating light background sounds such as snores and barks.

Wired or Wireless?

This might be one of the most essential choices you make when picking out your DubsLabs Bedphones because there is a significant difference in price. So before we decide which one to go for, let's see if you're somebody who needs the wireless version of these.

The wireless model would be perfect for you if you're somebody who is a fussy sleeper and you don't want the long cable to get in the way. However, let me remind you that Bedphone Wireless is not entirely wireless. There is a wire that connects both the earpieces together to accommodate the inline control button and the battery. So, this might limit the user from a perfect experience as it could cause irritation on the back of the neck.

On the other hand, the cable could be adjusted using the cable slider to suit the person using it. The wires could get tangled up once in a while, but this is pretty rare as the cable is not too long. On the positive side, they do have a good battery that can last up to 13 hours. The wireless model is Bluetooth compatible.

The wired model of Bedphones work pretty much like our regular earphones but with extra comfort. They are compatible with iPhones, iPods, mp3 players and all other mobile phones that come with a 3.5mm earphone jack. You need not worry about the cable wearing out as they are said to be thicker and more durable than our regular earphone cables.

What's in the box?

The box comes with everything you'll need to get started with your Bedphones. Each box contains:

  • the Bedphone itself
  • a compact case for carriage and storage
  • 2 extra pairs of speaker foam
  • and a satin eye mask

Bedphones also has a free Mobile App for Android as well as iOS, which can be used to manage your playlists/music, timer mode, smart mode, etc.

Warranty and Return Policy

YES! The good part is, DubsLabs has actually started paying a lot of attention to customer support and customer satisfaction. So, now they offer not only a one year manufacturer's warranty but also a trial period of 30 days and a simple return policy.

The 30 Day return policy comes with no restocking fees!

The one year warranty is applicable only if the product is purchased from a DubsLabs authorized store. If your bedphones stop working or is facing any technical issues, you can send them an email with the product purchase details (Your name, place of purchase, date, receipt, etc.) as well as the issue you're facing. They promise to respond as quickly as they can.

Note that amazon sellers are not authorized resellers for their products and therefore the one year warranty will not be provided if purchased through amazon.

Price Details and Where to Buy?

DubsLabs bedphones were previously available on Amazon. Now, however, looks like it has been discontinued since there are no recent reviews and the last reviews available are from 2012.

You can purchase the DubsLabs bedphones from the official DubsLabs website

An Enhanced version For Sport Fans

Wireless version of Bedphones are pretty durable with a good battery life and a good fit and therefore could be used during jogs and other sports even though its primary purpose is for sleep. However, DubsLabs has introduced another enhanced model of headsets called the Versafit Wireless Sports Headphones.

Versafit is sweat-proof, smallest on-ear headphones that are thin and flat enough to fit under helmets. They also do not support noise blockage (no blockage of ambient noise) for the main purpose of a safer workout environment since the user should be able to hear her/his surrounding.

The earpiece is wrapped in soft silicon rubber that is not only sweat proof but also meant to be comfortable for the ears. They are not to be plugged into the ear, instead of the lie flat on the surface of the ear to prevent any sweat from loosening it or damaging any hardware.

These earphones also come with adjustable memory wire. So whether you're running or cycling or doing some cardio, you can expect them to stay in place as long as you manage to adjust it to fit your ear perfectly.

Unlike Bedphones, Versafit has an inline controller with 3 buttons instead of just one. These can be used to control your playlist, pickup/cancel calls, and adjust the volume of your music. Versafit has a similar 13-hour battery life like Bedphones.

DubsLabs Versafit can be purchased on their website:

  • Versafit Wireless Sport Headphones (Grey or Lime Green): $149.00

Alternate Choices

So if you're somebody who's not impressed with the DubsLabs Bedphones, or it doesn't fit your ear type or lifestyle. Let me give you an insight into a few alternatives available in the market.

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones are different from Bedphones as they are not inline earphones but instead based on the headband model. This might be a better choice for people who are uncomfortable with the cable behind the neck.

These headphones are thin and covered with foam and placed inside the headband; they are removable, so you could remove it to wash the headband and put them back in position. They have expanded their product line into sports and wireless versions also.

The main reason you would want to go for CozyPhones headphones instead of DubsLabs is that it is priced significantly lower (starting at $19).

Another alternative is the AcousticSheep Sleep Headphones. These are also based on the headband model. They are Bluetooth compatible, soft fabric, machine washable, and adjustable speakers. They also give you 2 choices for the fabric; soft fleece or spandex. They also come in three different sizes; XS, M and extra-large.

My concerns are with the extremely thin wires, they could be easily damaged, and therefore need to be handled with care.

These two alternatives are great for people who are worried about the cable coming in the way of their sleep positions. Headband earphones are designed to be comfortable and easy to use.

AcousticSheep headphones are a little pricier than CozyPhones, but yet priced way lower than DubsLabs (starting at $40).

So, are DubsLabs Bedphones Really Perfect for You? - Let's Conclude!

DubsLabs Bedphone is the world smallest inline earphones that are not just easy to use but also comfortable. They come in two models; the wired and the wireless model.

Their comfort comes from the fact that the earpieces are wrapped in soft foam and feel pleasant on the ear. The memory wires are easily adjustable and allow the earpiece to hook on and stay put even for shaky sleepers.

However, there are have been some negative reviews where people are not so happy with the fit. So we can conclude that Bedphones are meant for most ear types but might not be suitable for all.

Their sound quality is pretty decent but cannot be compared to regular high-end headsets. However, they do come with a broad frequency range.

Also, please note that these bedphones are NOT meant to be noise-canceling and if that's what you're looking for, this might not be your perfect choice.

Thankfully, DubsLabs has reasonable return policies. They offer a 30 day return period with no restocking fees if you are not entirely sure but still want to give it a try. They also have a one-year manufacturers warranty, and they will assist you with any functional issues.

  • Memory wire allows it to be easily adjustable
  • 13 hours battery life for the wireless model
  • Sound quality with a large range of frequency
  • Comfortable on the ears as they give a soft and cushion like feel
  • The fit might not be right for all ear types. Could cause discomfort
  • Not meant for noise cancellation
  • Wireless mode not entirely wireless. The wire behind the neck could be bothersome
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