6 Awesome Benefits of the Weighted Cooling Blanket

By Oktay Ozadam

Benefits of the Weighted Cooling Blankets

The benefits of a cooling weighted blanket are many, and some of them, somewhat surprising ones. We've talked in the past about what such a blanket is and even looked at some of our favorite models, such as the chiliBlanket.

The chiliBlanket, a smart weighted cooling blanket, uses a game-changing cooler technology that is water-powered and can alter the way you sleep, ensuring you get more rest each night.

But why should you invest in a weighted blanket?

It is, after all, quite a sizable investment. Why should you part with your hard-earned cash just to feel weighed down? It's an interesting question.

The Answer? Weighted Blanket Therapy

Weighted blanket therapy is, as the name suggests, the use of a specially-made heavy blanket that had a warming (and sometimes, also a cooling) effect on the body while you sleep. This can help ease a variety of discomforts and help with mental strain.

See, a lot of our day-to-day stress carries over into our sleep and in our dreams. This makes it difficult for us to get the rest we need to function the next day properly.

This form of therapy helps with that stress and 'has our back' while we sleep so that we can ignore the problems that are gnawing at us and get some much-needed sleep.

The best part of weighted blanket therapy is that it's done in the night, you don't have to pay someone to listen to you, or take valuable hours from your schedule, like with other therapy forms.

What Are Some of The Main Benefits of Weighted Blanket Therapy?

A Weighted Blanket Can Help Cure Insomnia

Insomnia can be a mood-killer, and after you've experienced a few nights of it, you're just about ready to stab someone. In insomnia, the person isn't able to sleep properly because of an underlying anxiety.

There's an agitated feeling in us that simply does not allow for rest, forcing us to be alert 24/7. It's a good thing to be alert, but an even better thing to do so while well-rested.

A weighted blanket puts pressure on you. It literally holds you down, and contrary to what you might think, that's beneficial.

See, this pressure makes us feel protected and causes the body to release this thing known as serotonin, which means we're happier and more relaxed, and thus, better able to sleep.

A Weighted Blanket Soothes Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome is another reason why we're unable to sleep, and it can also affect us during the daytime, for example, while traveling.

A weighted blanket acts like someone grabbing us by our legs (to steady them) and telling us to calm down.

Put simply, the restlessness that drives us to move our legs in RLS continuously is simply not an issue with a weighted blanket, because our body finds the added pressure soothing.

A Weighted Blanket Is Like A Hug

Think about it, a weighted blanket is heavy, puts pressure on your body, and is warm. It does, effectively, feel just like a hug, like someone's holding us during our sleep.

As we know, that in itself can be somewhat uncomfortable because it can limit our movement, but with a weighted blanket, this simply isn't a problem anymore.

A weighted blanket allows you to sleep in any position and shift in your sleep without breaking the hug, and so, that feeling of being protected carries on through the night.

Okay, But Why A Cooling Weighted Blanket?

Having just talked about the benefits of having a heated weighted blanket on you, it may seem counter-intuitive to recommend a cooling blanket then, instead, but it's not. Hear us out.

A weighted cooling blanket is still a warm blanket. But the issue with many such blankets is that they can be too hot and feel stifling. This, in itself, can hamper your natural sleeping system.

A Weighted Cooling Blanket Keeps You Both Hot and Cold

Perhaps, like the chiliBlanket, it does this by using the great cooling effect of water, or maybe it uses some other innovative technique. The point is, it keeps you warm, just like any blanket should, but at the same time, it cools you gently, while not exposing you to actual cold or draft.

As the body goes through different sleep stages, our body temperature changes. In a night of deep sleep, we don't need the same heat as we did in the beginning when we were just trying to fall asleep. Instead of stifling us, a cooling blanket adapts and never gets too hot on us – a fear that many have with regular weighted blankets.

A Weighted Cooling Blanket Employs Cold Therapy to Make You Feel Good

How does a weighted cooling blanket work?

Cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, is well-known in medical circles for its' anti-inflammatory properties. It boosts our body's natural healing process, relieves pain, and encourages the release of endorphins, which make us relaxed and happy.

Often, we can't sleep because of some discomfort in the body (whether we are aware of it or not). A cooling blanket helps ease that discomfort and makes it easier for us to have a stable sleep.

A Weighted Cooling Blanket Is A God-Send for Hot Sleepers.

Maybe you are a hot sleeper, maybe you know one… In any case, you're aware that hot sleepers can't get to sleep if they feel their blanket is too warm. They toss and turn, stick a leg out, pull it back in, stick their arms out. And thus, they waste away their night.

A cooling blanket eliminates that and fast-forwards them to proper, deep sleep because it eliminates that nagging feeling of being too hot all the time.

Bottom Line

A well-balanced body temperature can help make our sleep more comfortable and restful. It can ease pain, anxiety, as well as improve focus the next day. Oh, and did we mention it can provide great comfort to the elderly since it relieves both mental and physical strain?