The New and Improved BedJet 3

By Oktay Ozadam

Since the release of their first model, BedJet has been revolutionizing bedroom heating and cooling.

The latest in their line is the BedJet 3, which seeks to further perfect their temperature control system with a range of new features and upgrades.

Big Power in a Small Package

The BedJet 3 is just as powerful as the previous BedJet V2 but comes in a 30% smaller package. It only needs 6 inches of clearance rather than the 7 inches required by the BedJet V2, so this product may be better for you if you have a low bed or limited space.

This new iteration of the BedJet is also sleeker and more modern looking in its design. Previous BedJet resembled a fan or air conditioner, but the BedJet 3 is a white, minimalistic rectangle that would easily fit in with most home décor.

Despite its smaller size, the BedJet 3 packs an even more powerful cooling punch than its predecessors. While the BedJet V2 could cool down to 72 degrees ℉, the new BedJet 3 can bring bed temperatures as low as 66 ℉. Both products max out at around 104 degrees F of heating.

The Remote of the Future

One of the most prominent new features of the BedJet 3 is the color screen remote control, which BedJet claims to be the most advanced in the sleep industry.

The BedJet V2 came with a simple wireless remote that could adjust the temperature, but a Bluetooth smartphone app was required to access and control all the features.

With the BedJet 3, you can leave your phone off at night! The new remote offers control over the full suite of features:

  • Airflow
  • Temperature control down to the degree
  • Auto shutoff times
  • BedJet's biorhythm technology

The new remote comes with a Wifi chip so that it can be used with voice-control products like Amazon's Alexa. BedJet is also planning to release a firmware upgrade in late 2019 to allow the BedJet 3 to have SmartHome connectivity.

Another bonus of the new BedJet 3 remote is that for the first time two BedJet systems can be adjusted from the same remote, rather than needing a different remote for each system.

Reactions from Early Access Testers

Early beta testers of the BedJet 3 have noted that it is considerably easier to fit into small spaces and that the hose, nozzles, and sheet clamps have a snugger fit. Some testers have even found the BedJet 3 to be slightly quieter than older BedJet products.

The new remote is one of the features most commented on by early testers. Several testers have thoroughly enjoyed the "wake on shake" feature, which causes the remote to light up and turn on when it's picked up. This, along with the backlit keys and color screen, makes it much easier to use in a dark bedroom.

Another Kickstarter Success

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have become a staple for startup companies with unique products, and BedJet is no exception. They ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign to launch the BedJet 3, and some supporters of the campaign were able to try out the new product before it was released to the general public.

Unfortunately, the rest of us can't get our hands on the new BedJet 3 until after the June 14th release date, when the first preordered models will ship out. In the meantime, it is available for preorder only from the BedJet website, while the BedJet V2 is also available on Amazon.

A single BedJet 3 is available for preorder at $449. Comparatively, the BedJet V2 is available for $339 new or $279 for a certified refurbished BedJet.

As always both the newer and older BedJet models come with BedJet's 60-day sweat free guarantee, free shipping, and a 100% money back guarantee. You don't even have to pay return shipping if you decide to send it back!

Bedjet 3 Climate Comfort System
The Bedjet 3 is now on pre-order
Ships June 14

The Verdict for Bedjet 3

If you're looking for a product that doesn't disrupt the look of your bedroom, or you want something that can be more easily hidden under the bed, then the BedJet 3 would probably be the best choice for you. Similarly, if you're looking into a SmartHome integrated household or like to use Alexa voice-control, then the newest BedJet would be a great fit.

However, if you just need a product that's going to efficiently heat and cool your bed, then the BedJet V2 would probably work just as well for you and with a significantly lower price tag. If you're thinking of purchasing the V2, check out this more detailed review of Bedjet 2 features. Or if you want to see how Bedjet 2 vs Bedjet 3 differ from each other, take a look at this page for a detailed comparison.

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